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Versant is a thoroughly modern boutique set in an 18th century stone farmhouse. This fusion of new and old is reflected in our approach to the merchandise that we carry. At Versant you will find the traditional elements of classic designs comingled with the clean lines of modern minimalism or the bohemian whimsy of cutting edge trends.

We firmly believe in supporting ventures that seek to make our world a better, kinder place.  With that in mind, we have curated a collection of designers with a special focus on finding companies that give back in some way.  We have heard it said that every dollar that you spend is a vote you cast for what you want the future of this world to look like.   When you are giving a gift from Versant, not only are you helping someone look good, you are using your purchase to do good as well.


Our friendly and creative staff members are enthusiastic about helping you discover your own personal style and find pieces that are an expression of you. Whether you favor understated elegance or unorthodox statement pieces, our diverse selection of finely crafted jewelry and accessories is the perfect hunting ground for your new treasure.



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