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New Waxing Poetic Winter 2017 Collection Arrives!

New for 2017- Meet Waxing Poetic’s Fresh Pieces

new waxing poetic

Did you resolve to find fresh, new jewelry pieces for the new year? You are in luck- Waxing Poetic has just released some beautiful new items for 2017!  As always, these new charms and necklaces are inspired by the natural world, vintage stylings, and the special words that spark a light in our souls.


One of the most extensive new additions is the Word Play charm collection.  There’s a French expression, “Le Mot Juste,” that literally means ‘the right word,’ and more figuratively means the most appropriate expression.  Waxing Poetic came up with this sweet suite of whimsy, playful reminders, heartfelt feelings, mantras, and meaning.  Made from sterling silver, these new charms look beautiful as part of a collection on necklace or charm catcher or as a dainty sentiment on their own.

new waxing poetic

Waxing Poetic Word Play Charms ($48)

Another great new charm group is the Found Again collection.  These brass medallions are etched with familiar symbols and studded with bits of Swarovski sparkle.  With their distinctive size and larger style, they make a great foundation piece for starting a necklace or bangle!

new waxing poetic

Found Again Charms ($55)

For those looking for a little treat to give their significant other on Valentine’s Day, the new Aim True charm is a sure winner.  Maybe Cupid’s arrow or maybe symbolic of some secret dreamy ambition of your own, this charm is meant to inspire you to aim high, far, dear, and true.  A mixture of sterling silver and brass and accented with Swarovski crystals, this piece is great for tying together your silver and brass tone pieces and adding a new shape to a collection with more traditional geometric charms.

waxing poetic arrow love

Aim True Charm ($37), shown with Found Again Heart & Arrow ($55), Word Play Love charm ($48), on Ensemble Bracelet in Terra ($66)

We saved one of our favorite new additions for last- the new Light as a Feather pendant!  This detailed pendant made from sterling silver and white bronze is once again studded with some serious sparkle down the center.  We love the flowing, organic shape of this petite charm.  Style it by itself on a chain or add it to a grouping of nature-inspired charms- any way you wear it you are sure to get compliments.  Use the feather to symbolize lightness and joy or to celebrate the achievement of soaring towards your dreams.

new waxing poetic

Light as a Feather Pendant ($48), styled with Starburst Found Again charm ($55) and Brave Word Play Charm ($48), worn on Hematite Ensemble Necklace ($88)


As always, with the arrival of new things we have to make room by saying goodbye to some old standards.  Stay tuned for news of the retiring charm list from Waxing Poetic to make sure that you don’t miss the opportunity to snatch up some of your favorites before they are no longer available.


New to Waxing Poetic? Find out more about this inspiring jewelry through our designer page-

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