Versant carries the full PANDORA assortment in-store; we also offer shipping services worldwide via phone order. Due to brand restrictions, we are unable to offer PANDORA in our online store at this time.

PANDORA has made a name for itself by creating inexpensive, hand-finished jewelry for the everyday person. From rings to necklaces to their iconic bracelets and charms, they provide a wide selection of products to fans around the world.  Their mission is to celebrate women by offering them the opportunity for personal expression through their universe of high-quality and contemporary jewelry at affordable prices.

One of the most popular features of this remarkable brand is their world famous charms. They have created a popular trend of combining fun, intricate charms that share a bit of personality or a touching memory with beautiful, ornate bracelets and necklaces to create a wonderful piece of jewelry for any occasion. Their newer Essence line provides a more slender profile with meaningful charms meant to represent different virtues and emotions.

PANDORA also creates beautiful jewelry outside of their charm line, including their ever-popular sterling silver and 14k gold rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets.  This jewelry is crafted out of the highest quality materials with each stone being hand-set.

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