Waxing Poetic has announced their retired collections for the beginning of 2017.  Check out which pieces are on their way out.  See something you have had on your wish list? Make sure to snatch it up before it is gone forever!

Symbolic Charms

Included in the retiring charms with meaningful symbols are the Vital Spark collection, Heart’s Content Silver charms, Lucky Chances charms, and large portion of the Wing and a Prayer collection.  The Vital Spark collection is a staff favorite with its petite size and detailed symbols set against a textured background.

Waxing Poetic Retired
Vital Spark Charms, $44

We are also very sad to see the Heart’s Content silver charms go!  The two-tone versions of this collection will still be available, but these are a great buy for the collector who prefers the all silver variation.

waxing poetic retired
Heart’s Content Silver Charms, $90

The Lucky Chances charms are a great value for their size.  Pick up the four leaf clover before St. Patrick’s Day arrives!

waxing poetic retired
Lucky Chances, $66, Wing and a Prayer Ribbon, Wings, Crown, $57

Word Adorned Charms

Inspired by their love for poetry, Waxing Poetic has a wide variety of charms decorated with meaningful words.  The Circle of Life charms, which feature a powerful word set in brass surrounding a second word on a sterling medallion, are included in this year’s retirement.

waxing poetic retired
Circle of Life Charms, $44, and Love All Providence Medallion, $145

The gorgeous Love All Providence medallion is also being retired.  This large reversible pendant features a bright turquoise enamel on the front and a heart and cross motif with an embedded Swarovski crystal on the back.

waxing poetic retired
Love All Providence Medallion, $145

The Providence Charms, which feature short phrases set in a shield-like charm, are also part of the retirement.

waxing poetic retired
Providence Charms, $37

Insignia Charms

A wide selection of the Insignia charms, which are used to showcase letters, are being retired.  The sterling shield-shaped Heroic charm is one of our favorites- we love the crisp shape and the large size.  The two-tone Heartswell and Imprinted Oval charms are also being retired.

waxing poetic retired
Heartswell,$33, Heroic,$66, and Imprinted Oval, $33, Insignia

The all sterling version of the Square Insignia is being retired as well, although the brass and sterling version remains in the collection.  The tiny Crest insignia is also part of this year’s retirement- this is accent piece because of its petite size.

waxing poetic retired
Silver Square, $51, and Crest, $26, Insignia

Colorful Additions

On the colorful side of things, the Lux Vitae charms and the Tiny Lights charms are both being retired.  These charms are a great way to add a pop of color seasonally to brighten up a collection.

waxing poetic retired
Lux Vitae, $75, Tiny Lights,$26, and Providence Charms, $37

The beautiful Melange charm, which has a great organic shape and nature-inspired texture, is also part of this year’s retirement.

waxing poetic retired
Melange Charm, $48

On the bracelet side of things, the Terra colored Melange bracelet is going to be retired.  We love using this bracelet as a way to showcase our charms on our wrists during the summer months!

waxing poetic retired
Terra Ensemble Bracelet, $66

As sad as we are to see these retired charms leaving the collection, we know that it is to make way for the new Waxing Poetic collections coming out in 2017.  Want a peek at some of these new chars? Check out our previous post on the new arrivals for the Spring collection here:


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