WinterLemon jewelry, exclusively available at Versant, is a beautiful range of handmade pieces made locally in Bethlehem, PA.  WinterLemon is known for their use of natural gemstones, attention to detail, and innovative silhouettes.  Their unique designs that set them apart from the predictable ideas of more mass-produced brands.


WinterLemon’s distinctive style incorporates classic elements with a modern twist.  Their designs are influenced by the natural world- from textures to colors and materials.  WinterLemon is inspired by the beauty of the world and the desire to bring more beauty into it.  Their unique mix of stones, color, metal, and shape culminate in a style that is organic, sophisticated, and alluring.


Working hand-in-hand with the natural elements of their jewelry, WinterLemon works to create a balance of old and new.  Classic shapes and vintage findings are brought into today’s age by modern silhouettes and colors.  New life is given to antique pieces, such as lockets, by using them to create pieces with a contemporary flair.


Girls in Pearls

Much of WinterLemon jewelry features freshwater pearls.  A twist on the classic pearl, freshwater pearls offer the modern girl the beauty of a pearl in a more contemporary, organic shape.   Combining pearls with natural gemstones, such as labradorite, brings out the natural iridescence in both elements.

Pearl, Labradorite, and Gold Vermeil Necklace and Earrings

WinterLemon also makes an array of fashion-forward necklaces using freshwater pearls on suede and leather cord.  These necklaces range from collar-like statement pieces to delicate chokers and trendy lariats.

Pearl on Suede Statement Necklaces

Inspired Neutrals

Neutral pieces are great because that can be worn on any occasion, but can often be boring and uninspired, WinterLemon elevates the neutral palette by mixing metals and using unique textures and faceted elements to reinvigorate your everyday golds, silvers, and greys.

Many of their pieces incorporate oxidized silver, a darker and more edgy version of your traditional silver jewelry.  Not only does oxidized silver pair beautifully with gold, making a fun mixed-metal combination, but it gives a unique sparkle to stones set within it.

Earrings Featuring Mixed Metal and Oxidized Silver

Another way WinterLemon adds some fun to your everyday neutrals is through subtle shine.  Using druzy stones, beaded chains, and champagne diamonds, they create an ethereal sparkle through darker elements.

Druzy and Champagne Diamond Accented Necklaces

Pop of Color

For those days when you want to add a fun pop of color to your wardrobe, WinterLemon’s colorful gemstone pieces are a great choice.  Using the pure tones of real gemstones allows them to create pieces with a depth and hue not found in manufactured or dyed stones.  We love these pieces featuring a faceted gemstone on a colorful beaded chain in a complementary color.

Faceted Gemstone Necklaces

Looking for a statement piece in a signature color?  One-of-a-kind crafted pieces, like the one shown below, use color in sophisticated ways to create a piece of wearable art everyone will be talking about.

Aqua Chalcedony and Champagne Diamond Necklace

Elevate your Wrist Game

One of the best things about having WinterLemon at Versant is their stackable beaded bracelet bar.  Chic and affordable, these bracelets help bring your arm parties to a new level!  Handmade with natural gemstones and silver or gold vermeil elements, these bracelets make a great addition to any stack!  Choose your bracelet based off of your favorite color, or check out our gemstone meaning card and pick one that inspires you.

winter lemon

Another great wrist addition are the beaded wrap bracelets shown below.  Not only are they gorgeous, they are versatile as well!  You can wear them on your wrist on day and style them as a necklace the next.  A five-wrap bracelet can easily turn into a long layering necklace or a delicate double wrap choker.

Wrap Bracelets/Necklaces

We love our WinterLemon jewelry (can you tell?).  What we love as much as the beautiful and unique styles they offer is that they are handmade in Bethlehem.  As a small, local business, we appreciate all of our customers who make the choice to support their local community and love the opportunity to pay it forward and support local artists as well.  Do you love what you see as well?  Stop by Versant to see these beautiful pieces in person!