Compass Rose is a line of beautiful sterling silver and 14k gold jewelry that features the symbol of the compass rose.  Wearing the compass rose reminds us that “we are not just travelers, but navigators of our futures.”


The cornerstone of Compass Rose jewelry is their beautiful pendants, available in sterling silver, 14k gold, or a two-tone mixture of both.  The pendants are available in an array of sizes and designs, including some styles that are adorned with precious and semi-precious stones.

compass rose
Large Silver Pendant, Medium Silver Pendant with Sapphires, Small Two-Tone Pendant
compass rose
Octagonal Silver Pendant with Blue Topaz

In addition to their pendants, they offer beautiful stud and drop earrings and some innovative bracelets.  The bracelet consists of a “top” that can be used with either a silver bangle or a cord.  This top can be swapped for different designs, allowing you to change the look while keeping the base bracelet! Like the pendants, the bracelet tops are available in silver, 14k, or a mix of both.

compass rose
Compass Rose Top on Silver Bangle Bracelet
compass rose
Bangle Bracelet and Cord Bracelet with Compass Rose Top

A symbol of exploration, direction, and adventure, wearing the Compass Rose reminds us to take control of our futures and steer them in a direction of our own choosing.  It is a great gift for graduates, retirees, and those making a big life change or looking for a fresh start.  It is also a wonderful gift for those who love to travel!

Want to learn more about Compass Rose Jewelry?  Check out our featured designer post here-


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