Waxing Poetic celebrates the potential for transformation in all of us. Their jewelry pays homage to the journey of our lives: where we come from, what our stories are, and how they have influenced both the world and us. Waxing Poetic jewelry and charms come to you from Carpinteria, California, by way of designer Patti Pagliei Simpson, her intimate coterie of friends and family (sisters in particular): like-minded artists, dreamers, adventurers, and raconteurs. They make things they love, and hope you like them too.


From charms inspired by antique wax seals to bracelet, chains, rings, and pendants, this line inspires us to find our own personal expression of who we are and where we have gone through their jewelry.  Many of their pieces are nature-inspired, including beautiful transformative dragonflies and bees and celestial moons.  Constructed from sterling silver and brass with natural stones, the quality and style of these pieces are worthy of the memories they symbolize.


The artistic whimsy of the Waxing Poetic line is embodies in their mission, as described through poetry.

In Tiny We Trust
A semi manifesto

All hail the small, and beautiful.
We believe
In the evolution of memories
And unchanging, unapologetic love,

In being both lost, and found, and found again.
In writing your own way (and humbly asking for help),

In liberation, and joyous return
In seemingly impossible narratives made true,
In freedom, in family, in homecomings,

In recognizing treasure as the love in between
All of us
little points on a map, our lives and cherished

Waxing Poetic Neckalces

Waxing Poetic Dragonfly  Waxing Poetic Moon  waxingpoetic2  waxingpoetic1 Waxing Poetic

Waxing Poetic Nest