The Pandora Mother’s Day Collection Has Arrived!

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Are you ready to celebrate mom with some sparkle?  The Pandora Mother’s Day collection has arrived at Versant!  This collection adds some great new family charms and beautiful new jewelry options.  Check out our overview of the new pieces below!

Floating Locket Collection

The Pandora Floating Locket and Petite Charms have been a very popular new addition.  Made from sterling silver and sapphire crystal used in high-end watches, they are both high quality and high fashion.  We are excited that they have expanded their locket offerings with the Mother’s Day collection!

pandora mother's day
New Pandora Mother’s Day Floating Lockets and Inserts

The Mother’s Day collection has seen the addition of two new locket styles and some fun new concepts for filling them.  A medium sized heart locket necklace can display a set of three petite charms and a small heart locket can display a single charm.  The smaller locket can be worn on a chain or on the bracelet.  The smaller locket comes filled with a single heart charm that can be interchanged with any of the petite charms to change the look of the locket.

In addition to the new lockets, Pandora has released plate inserts that fill the back of the locket.  These inserts can be worn by themselves for a simple statement or layered with petite charms.  We love the new white enamel insert with “love” written across the heart!  The enamel plate and a plain silver plate are available for the medium heart locket.  A small enamel plate is available for the small heart locket.  The small plate can also be used in the larger locket as a floating charm!

pandora mother's day

Lastly, a new set of Petite Charms, Infinite Love, was released with this collection as well.  These charms feature a mini Sparkling Love Knot, a sparkling infinite symbol, and a white enamel heart.

Mother’s Day Charms

As always, the Mother’s Day collection includes a new assortment of family and love related charms to add another layer of love to mom’s bracelet.  This years charms are themed around celebrating relationships and accented with gold and pearls.

pandora mother's day
Tree of Hearts, Luminous Love Knot, Interlocked Hearts, and Heart of Romance Charms

The new family tree charm, Tree of Hearts, is the first family tree charm that is not a dangling style.  With its pretty iridescent white enamel and gold heart, it is a beautiful way to honor the bonds between family members.   The Interlocked Hearts and Heart of Romance charms also feature a touch of gold and are a great way to bring some warmth to a black and white bracelet.


The Luminous Love Knot charm is designed to mirror the Sparkling Love Knot with the addition of pearls.  Part of a collection that includes a pendant, earrings, and necklace, this charm is a great gift for the mom who loves classic elegance.

pandora mother's day

The Mother & Son Bond heart charm is adorned with “Mother” on one side and “Son” on the other.  A great gift to celebrate the mom of boys, it shows how a mother and son are two parts of the same heart.  Similarly, the Mother and Daughter hearts show the special bond between mother and daughter.  In this set, mom gets to keep one half of the heart and daughter gets to wear the other!

Tribute to Mom and Love for Mother are great choices for a mother-themed bracelet.  These Mother’s Day new releases are perfect for the mom who collects a special mother charm every year on this holiday.

pandora mother's day

The Pandora Mother’s Day collection this year includes some charms for new moms as well.  The new baby stroller is more detailed than past designs and has a crystal heart adorning the side.  The Baby Treasures dangle includes a small pacifier, teddy bear, and white enamel heart and is a great gift for any mom-to-be.

pandora mother's day

The Precious Heart Charm is one of two Limited Edition charms to be released this year.  This charm will only be available during the Mother’s Day season!  The second Limited Edition charm will be released with the gift sets on April 13th.

pandora mother's day

There are also some new releases in the love theme that are a wonderful gift from a husband to a wife.  The Family and Love clip features a smooth background with a golden heart center.  The Infinite Love spacers add some meaningful sparkle on either side of a dangling charm or colorful murano.  For the romantic, the My Wife Always locket charm has a vintage looking design with “my wife always” engraved on the interior.  Lastly, the Love Always safety chain expresses a powerful sentiment while keeping mom’s treasures safe!

The last charm additions with the Pandora Mother’s Day release celebrate hobbies and occasions.  The sparkling dress pairs well with the stiletto and martini glass to represent a gal that enjoys a night on the town.  The running shoe is a good choice for a mom on-the-go or an avid runner.  Lastly, the newly designed graduation cap is tailor-made for the proud graduate.  We love the hearts on the charm’s bale!

New Jewelry Additions

We love the new jewelry additions that were released this year.  There are a ton of great new rings in some innovative styles!

pandora mother's day
Luminous Love Knot

The Luminous Love Knot collection, like the Sparkling Love Knot, includes a pendant, ring, and stud earring design.  Accented with a small pearl, they are a great update to a current favorite.

pandora mother's day

On the ring side, the new pearl wrap ring is a stunner!  We also love the halo design ring to make a statement without feeling too weighty.  The double ended heart ring, with one side in shiny silver and the other in white enamel, is very sweet and petite.

pandora mother's day

To make a bolder statement, the new circle and heart signet rings add a new twist to a tried-and-true design.  This is a very on-trend style.  Get them engraved with an initial to really make it personal!

pandora mother's day

The Sparkling Strand bracelet, a staff favorite, got a new look with some pink crystals.  This bracelet is dainty, adjustable, and extraordinarily sparkly.  At $50, it’s a steal!

The last jewelry additions include some beautiful and innovative pearl pieces.  A long pearl-accented chain necklace is adjustable using a small bead with a silicon stopper.  We love the double-sided pearl earrings.  Not only are they reversible, they offer an amazing profile view!  The Luminous Droplets earrings and pendant are perfect for the simple girl who likes an understated look.


Make sure to stop by Versant to check out all of the new beautiful pieces!  Give us a call or send us a message if there are any special pieces you would like us to hold for you.  http://versantjewelry.com/index/contact-us/

Make sure to stay tuned for news on the Mother’s Day Gift Sets, available starting April 13th!

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Enamel and Sparkle and Floral, Oh My! Pandora Spring Has Arrived.

pandora spring droplets
It’s that time of year when the spring arrivals start rolling in!  The Pandora Spring collection has just hit the cases and we are in love.  Check out our highlights and make sure to stop by and see these stunning pieces in person.

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One of the outstanding themes of this year’s collection is the celebration of color.  Accents of bright enamel abound in the new stackable rings and bangle bracelets.  These saturated tones are beautifully offset with sparkling stones to make these pieces perfect to take from casual afternoons to a night on the town.


The new Radiant Droplet charms are another great way to add some vibrant color to your bracelet.  The three faceted stones adorning each charm reflect the light like sunshine off of the water.

pandora spring 2017
Radiant Droplet Charms, Radiant Hearts of Pandora Rings

We are obsessed with the new colorful bangles- they make a gorgeous stack when alternating neutral and colorful options. Even better, the hinged design of the bangles makes them the perfect fit!

pandora spring hearts of pandora bangles
Radiant Hearts of Pandora Bangles

Spring has brought a huge assortment of color to the inserts available for the Pandora Floating Locket.  In line with their new Stones of Color birthstone collection, new sets of three mini charms are available for each birthstone.  Each set includes a birthstone mini with cutout heart, a smooth silver heart, and a pavé stud. Choose the birthstone for yourself or a loved one; alternatively, pick a set with your favorite color to add a bright accent to your spring ensembles!

pandora spring 2017
Pandora Locket Birthstone Sets

Cultivate Your Garden

As always, the Pandora spring additions include a new set of floral pieces to celebrate the joy of the season.  This year’s pieces are centered around the new Magnolia design and the updated Dazzling Daisies.


We love the use of enamel in the Magnolia design.  A soft ombré effect is used, transitioning from a soft pink at the middle to a warm white at the edges.  A pink CZ to adds a touch of sparkle to the center of the flower.

pandora spring magnolia
New Magnolia Blossom Charms

We particularly love the new button-style and dangling Magnolia charms.  Not only do they look great on your bracelet, but add a chain and they make a beautiful necklace as well!  The Magnolia collection is rounded out by fun stud earrings and a sweet ring showing a single blossom.

pandora spring magnolia
Magnolia Blossom Collection

The Dazzling Daisies collection has been updated with some sparkling new charms and innovative jewelry styles.  The new Dazzling Daisies charm has a small white enamel daisy and, like the Magnolia charms, looks great on a chain as well as on your bracelet.  An adjustable-length Y-style necklace shows off the sparkling blooms with an on-trend shape.

pandora spring 2017
Dazzling Daisy Jewelry

The new Dazzling Daisy ear climbers are a great alternative from the usual studs accompanying new collections.  The open-style daisy ring is another new shape making its debut.  Looking for a more classic shape? This style is available in the Timeless Elegance collection as well!

pandora spring 2017 dazzling daisies
Dazzling Daisy Rings and Earrings, Timeless Elegance Rings

Miscellaneous New Charms

Apart from the floral and colorful new additions, a variety of gold-accented and themed charms have also been added.  The new Good Luck charm arrives just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!  We love the new Celebration pieces, including a new Birthday Cake, Thank-You heart, and Just Married charm.

A new Pandora Signature Safety Chain and Clip have also been added.  Both pieces have rubber inserts installed, making them perfect for the bangle or the new smooth bracelet.

pandora spring

Jewelry Odds and Ends

In addition to the themed collections, some standalone jewelry pieces have been introduced this spring.  Continuing with their innovative shapes and designs, the two piece Abstract Elegance earrings are a fun new addition to Pandora’s ever-expanding earring line.  These earrings can be worn with or without the back jacket.  Use the jacket with a different stud to give an old pair of earrings a new look!  The Interlinked Circles studs are a great mixed-metal addition that mirrors a new charm design introduced with the collection.

pandora spring earrings

Pandora’s rings have seen the addition of two new droplets designs in blush pink and clear crystal.  Two new stacking bands have also been introduced- one in shining silver with daisies and one with sparkling CZs.  Our favorite ring addition of the season is the Swirling Symmetry ring, which has three interlocked rings.  This is a gorgeous piece in person- an instant classic!

pandora spring rings
Pandora Spring Ring Additions

In addition to the Birthstone inserts, the Floating Locket has been updated with a new Poetic Blooms insert.  These three mini charms reflect the soft pink and white enamels and sparkling daisies featured throughout the Spring collection.

pandora spring lockets
Pandora Lockets

Essence and Disney Collections

The Pandora Spring Essence additions, like the traditional spring collection, focus on using enamels and sparkling stones to create an impact.  These new charms also include the first dangling Essence collection charms and a new spacer!

pandora spring essence

We love the new knot-style Friendship charm!

pandora spring essence
New Essence Charms

The new Disney Collection additions include a new bangle with a sparkling rose clasp to celebrate the release of the new live action Beauty and the Beast.  Mrs. Potts and Belle’s Rose have also been added to the collection.

pandora spring disney
Beauty and the Beast Bangle and Charms

New Winnie the Pooh, including Tigger and Piglet, and Tinker Bell charms have been added as well!

Love one of the new pieces featured in the Spring Collection?  Give us a call and we can hold it for you!  Make sure to stop by Versant to see the collection in person!

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