Cupid’s Arrow Never Misses- the 2019 Pandora Valentine’s Day Collection

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air! The new Pandora Valentine’s Day collection has arrived and features a fun mix of new colors, textures, and innovations. This year’s collection has some unique new focuses- the path to love, asymmetric hearts, cupid and his arrow, and being LOVED. Read on for our review of all the new products!

Charmed Love

The charms in this year’s Pandora Valentine’s Day Collection really stand out in bright two-tone silver and Pandora Shine, soft pinks, and fuchsias.

For Pandora Rose lovers, there is a beautiful new light pink enamel and Pandora Rose two-tone charm that really stands out. We also love the new Loved Heart clip for two-tone silver and Pandora Rose bracelets! If you are enamored of the new Pandora Shine finish, you are in luck as well! Both the LOVED and cupid themed charms are accented with the bright gold of Pandora Shine. We particularly love the Arrow of Cupid Shine charm- it looks great on the choker!

Path to Love Pandora Rose charm ($60) and Loved Heart clips ($45 each)
shine charms- pandora valentine's day
Cupid & You ($65) and Arrow of Cupid ($55) charms

We also love the new whimsical Love Dice and Love Notes charms. Letting the bright sterling silver take center stage, they are a great choice for the collector who wants just a touch of color on their bracelet.

love dice pandora valentine's day 2019
Love Dice Charm ($50), featuring a different letter on each side of the die
Love Notes Charm pandora valentine's day 2019
Love Notes charm ($55)- flip the pages to read I ❤️ U!

For those who want to embrace the colors of the season, the reds and fuchsias of the Asymmetric Hearts charms offer stylish choices studded in sparkling CZs or accented with bright enamel.

asymmetric hearts pandora valentine's day
Asymmetric Hearts of Love Charm ($80) styled with Galaxy Spacers ($40) and Cerise Radiant Hearts Charm ($80) on Open Bangle ($80), Asymmetric Heart of Love Dangle Charm ($55) on Red Leather Bracelet ($45)
Asymmetric Hearts Charms
Fine details on Asymmetric Hearts of Love charm ($80) and Asymmetric Hearts of Love Clip ($50)

Other charms in the Pandora Valentine’s Day collection in silver and include the Sparkling Arrow & Heart charm ($55) and all silver Path to Love charm ($35).

charms pandora valentine's day 2019
Pandora Valentine’s Day Collection charms in silver and Pandora Rose
top row (L-R): Asymmetric Hearts of Love, Sparkling Arrow & Heart, Love Dice, Path to Love
bottom row (L-R): Asymmetric Hearts of Love Clip, Loved Heart Clip, Path to Love Rose Charm, Asymmetric Heart of Love Dangle Charm, and Love Notes Charm

Additional charms in the two-tone Pandora Shine and sterling silver include Loved Script charm ($65).

shine pandora valentine's day 2019
Pandora Valentine’s Day Collection charms in silver and Pandora Shine (L-R) Cupid and You, Arrow of Cupid, Loved Script

For the Jewelry Lover

In addition to this year’s fantastic charm selections, there are are some exciting new jewelry pieces. We love the new Sparkling Arrow collection- especially that amazing ring!

sparkling arrow pandora valentine's day 2019
Sparkling Arrow Necklace ($75), Sparkling Arrow Ring ($75), Sparkling Arrow Earrings ($50)
rings pandora valentine's day 2019
Sparkling Arrow Ring and Loved Script Ring ($65)

The Loved Script pieces in two-tone sterling silver and Pandora Shine are also fun new additions. The necklace makes a stunning layering piece. We are tempted to buy this one for ourselves- you need to love yourself, too! 🥰

loved script pandora valentine's day 2019
Loved Script bracelet ($90)
Loved Script Necklace ($100) and Asymmetric Hearts of Love Large Hoop Earrings ($65)

Other jewelry items include the You are Loved Heart Padlock bracelet ($75), which can be used for charms, the Small Heart of Love Hoop Earrings ($55), the Asymmetric Hearts Earrings ($50) and necklace ($75), and the Medallion of Love Ring ($55).

bracelets pandora valentine's day 2019
Loved Script bracelet and You are Loved Heart Padlock bracelet
earrings pandora valentine's day 2019
Sparkling Arrow Earrings, Asymmetric Hearts of Love Hoops, Asymmetric Hearts of Love Earrings
necklaces pandora valentine's day 2019
Sparkling Arrow necklace, Love Script necklace, Asymmetric Hearts of Love necklace
rings pandora valentine's day 2019
Sparkling Arrow ring, Love Script ring, Medallion of Love ring

For the Love of Minnie

The Pandora Valentine’s Day collection also includes a mini Minnie-themed collection from Pandora Disney!

The new additions include a bracelet with a Minnie portrait clasp- a great way to wear all of your Disney charms! We love the Minnie and Mickey With Love charm with its bright fuchsia enamel background. The Minnie’s Polka Dots pendant is also adorable!

New Shimmering Minnie Portrait bracelet ($100) with Minnie & Mickey With Love charm ($75) and Minnie’s Polka Dots pendant ($50)
disney pandora valentine's day 2019
Sparkling Minnie Portrait bracelet, Minnie’s Polka Dots pendant, Minnie & Mickey With Love Charm

Get Gifting with Limited Edition Sets

As always, Pandora has released some great value sets with their Valentine’s Day collection. The beauty of their gift sets is that you get all the pieces you need to start your set at a lower price than the items would be individually!

This year’s bracelet gift set includes the new two-tone silver and Pandora Rose Path to Love charm, a Pandora Rose heart clasp bracelet, and two Shining Path clips. It is packaged in a beautiful light pink travel jewelry box- great for storing all of your Pandora treasures!

fun in love gift set
Fun in Love Gift Set offered at $199, representing $56 in savings

The jewelry gift set this year includes the Asymmetric Hearts of Love stud earrings and necklace. The necklace is adjustable in length, making it perfect for any outfit!

shape of love jewelry set
Shape of Love Jewelry Set offered for $115, representing a savings of $10

There is also a Limited Edition collector’s charm this year, the Arrow of Love charm ($80). This charm is shaped to look like a heart pierced by cupid’s arrow. Open the locket-style charm to let the arrow dangle down and reveal a secret message inside!

Arrow of Love Limited Edition charm

This year’s Pandora Valentine’s Day collection also introduces the 2019 Club Charm and a new Pandora Friend. The club charm is the first two-tone silver and Pandora Rose addition to the club collection. Shaped like a treasure chest, it opens to reveal the message “Be Yourself.” As always, the club charm has a 0.1ct diamond.

Our newest Pandora Friend is Rob Bot, faithful boyfriend to everyone’s favorite robot, Bella Bot! Rob Bot is ready for Valentine’s Day in his finest formal attire with a rose in his hand.

pandora 2019 club charm
Pandora 2019 Club Charm ($90)
rob bot
Rob Bot ($65)

We hope you have enjoyed our overview of this year’s Pandora Valentine’s Day collection and found some fun new items to add to your wish list! Did you find something you need to have? Send us an email or give us a call at 610-691-2270 and we can check our stock and hold it for you!

We can also ship any item for you and offer free shipping in the continental US for orders over $50.

Sparkle All the Way- The Pandora 2018 Holiday Collection Has Arrived

The holiday season is drawing near and it is our favorite time of the year- the release of the Pandora winter collections!  This year has some gorgeous new jewelry additions, heartwarming charms, and tons of fun for the Disney lover.  Check out our review of all the new pieces below!

Have Yourself a Charming Little Christmas

This year’s holiday collection includes charms for a wide range of tastes and budgets.  The charms and jewelry fall into two main themes: Christmas in Space, offering whimsical celestial-themed pieces and bringing the sparkle with dazzling baguette cuts, and the Traditional Christmas charms we all love.

For the sparkle lover, the charms of the Christmas in Space collection mimic shards of ice with baguette cut cubic zirconia in scattered formations.  We love the new chiseled elegance charms ($75) and Ice Sculpture spacers ($45), both available in clear or midnight blue.

Two of our other favorite charms, the Dazzling Wishes ($65) dangle and Pavé Sphere button-style charm ($75) are available both by themselves and in some of gift set offerings this year.  The Dazzling Wishes charm, depicting a firework bursting in the sky, is engraved with “The Best is Yet to Come” on the reverse and makes a great pairing with the Dazzling Fireworks charm ($65).  In keeping with the icy theme, the Ice Carving dangle ($55) is engraved with “You Melt My Heart” with an overhanging icy wreath.

Two well-received styles have been updated with new colors- the Sparkling Love heart charm ($75), which made its debut in the fall, is now available in midnight blue and the Dazzling Snowflake ($90) now comes in Cerise red as well.

The more whimsical part of the Christmas in Space theme celebrates the arrival of some new Pandora Friends.  Bella Bot, now also available in the Pandora Shine finish ($100), is joined by her faithful companion Bobby Bot ($60).  We love his moveable flap ears!

Cosmo Tommy ($75) has also joined the Pandora Friends, adding a touch of adventure to this collectible bunch.  The Planet of Love charm ($55) is a limited edition piece only available during this holiday season.

For those days when the reindeers need a break, Santa can be seen cruising about in his rocket ship in the Santa in Space charm ($50).  The String of Beads dangle charm ($50) is part of the Purely Pandora collection, but also fits well with these fun planetary additions.

In addition to the Ice Sculpture spacers, two new clips, the Beaded Brilliance ($45) in silver and Ice Formation ($55) in Pandora rose, have been added to the collection.  The Personal Galaxy safety chain ($65) helps ensure that your bracelet is secure while you look up at the stars.

The Traditional Christmas charms this year focus on warmth and family and are accented with a beautiful berry red and white enamel.  We love the new Christmas Train charm ($75)- it comes in two connected parts!

Another one of our favorites this year is the Warm Cocoa charm ($45)- how adorable is the candy cane sticking out of the whipped cream!  Take a close look at the Christmas Bear charm ($45) to see Pandora’s intense detail- he is holding the same cup of warm cocoa in his hand.  We also love the Merry Christmas charm ($40) as a way to celebrate the season for those who have a more neutral-colored bracelet.

Another staff favorite this year is the Cozy Christmas House dangle charm ($55).  From the front it is a festive red house.  Turn it around to take a peek inside the home at all of the Christmas decorations.

Rounding out the Traditional Christmas charms are the Happy Reindeer in Pandora Rose ($65), Nutcracker Dangle ($65)- great for ballerinas!- and the Perfect Christmas dangle ($55) that states “It’s not what’s under the tree that matters, it’s who’s gathered around it.”

In addition to the sterling silver and Pandora Rose charms, two new 14k yellow gold charms have been added in this year’s holiday collection.

The Heart of Luxury clip ($450) has beautiful pavé accents and a cut-out heart at the center.  The Glowing with Love charm ($350) features cut-out hearts with the word “Love” in script at the center.

Deck Your Neck (and Ears and Fingers!)

Like this year’s charms, the holiday collection jewelry can be grouped in two main themes: Purely Pandora, focusing on a minimalist look in smooth silver, and Luminous Ice, featuring the same baguette-cut CZs that added an icy look to many of the charms.

We love the simple aesthetic of the Purely Pandora pieces.  The Contemporary Pearl necklace ($90) and Hoop Earrings ($90) would make a great set for the girl who likes a streamlined look that focuses on the beauty of shining sterling.

The Luminous Ice pieces are perfect for the girl who likes a little sparkle in her life.  The Glacial Beauty Drop earrings ($90) are gorgeous in person and show off the on-trend forward facing hoop style.  The Shards of Sparkle necklace ($125) is a beautiful companion piece that would make anyone’s holiday merry and bright.

The necklaces category also sees the addition of a new Cross Pendant ($60) with a sparkling tapered bale and an engraved necklace with the script engraving “Blessed” ($75).

The Purely Pandora collection also includes an innovative new Y-necklace, String of Beads ($75) with an adjustable length and movable beads.  The Contemporary Pearls necklace in Pandora Rose ($225) is another beautiful selection for someone whose style leans more towards the simple and classic.  For someone who likes a more sentimental gift, the Moon and Stars necklace ($115) is a wonderful choice- emblazoned with sparkling stars, it opens to reveal the message “Love you to the moon and back.”


The Luminous Ice pendants, available in silver ($65) and Pandora Rose ($75), offer a petite flash of sparkle.

The Luminous Ice collection also includes a beautiful interpretation in the rings available in both the sterling silver ($75) and Pandora Rose ($100) finishes.

The Glacial Beauty ring ($100) is a new stackable design that complements the Luminous Ice collection with a row of baguette cut CZ stones.


Other additions to the ring collection include the Contemporary Pearl ring in Pandora Rose ($90), String of Beads Ring ($50), Contemporary Pearl cuff ring ($65), and Shards of Sparkle ring ($75).

Some of our favorite pieces in this year’s holiday jewelry are in the earrings category.  We love the Lunar Light stud earrings ($50) and Luminous Ice stud earrings ($60) for a touch of everyday sparkle.  The Glacial Beauty drop earrings are a gorgeous statement piece ($90).

From the Purely Pandora collection, the Contemporary Pearl Hoops in silver ($90) and Pandora Rose ($115) add a modern twist to an old standard.  The Classic Beads stud earrings ($45) and String of Beads hoop earrings ($50) continue the smooth beaded design.  One of the most innovative earring designs is the String of Beads dangle earrings ($65), which can be pulled to change the length of the dangling beads.

Pandora has also added two new sliding bracelet designs this year.  The String of Beads bracelet from the Purely Pandora collection ($65) features graduated beads in bright sterling silver.  The Glacial Beauty sliding bracelet ($100) is a stunning sparkling piece with scattered baguette cut CZs.

The open bangle also has a new design for Disney lovers- the end caps are cute Mickey and Minnie portraits ($125).

Mickey Clause is Coming to Town

This year’s Disney additions focus on classic Mickey and holiday celebrations.  There are also some new charms to showcase the Mary Poppins Returns movie coming out this year!

Mickey and Minnie’s sparkling portraits are now available as clips ($90), which look great as stationary pieces on a bangle or leather bracelet.  The Steamboat Willie ($65) portrait charm is part of the celebration of Mickey’s origins and the Sorcerer Mickey ($65) dangle charm honors one of his most famous roles.  We love that this year’s Disney additions include some overtly Christmas beads, including the Santa Mickey charm ($65), Santa Mickey’s Candy Cane dangle ($65), and Santa Mickey & Gift Bag dangle ($65).

Disney has also expanded into the Essence collection with the two-tone silver and Pandora Rose Mickey and Minnie portrait charms ($50).

This year’s Limited Edition charm ($100) celebrates Mickey’s 90th birthday. Packaged in a special box, it shows mickey leaning against a golden “90”- he looks good for his age!

For those anxiously awaiting the new Mary Poppins movie, these three charms are a delight! We love Mary Poppins’ bag ($50), which is covered in flowers and bears her name on the bottom.  The Mary Poppins Silhouette charm is distinctive in bright enamel colors ($65) and the Umbrella dangle ($70) focuses on one of her iconic symbols.

We also love the new Mickey and Minnie nesting rings! The sparkling Minnie silhouette and bow ($65) fits above the Minnie silhouette ($50).

Sometimes the Best Things Come Already Packaged

One of the highlights of the Pandora holiday collection is always their beautiful gift sets.  This year’s additions include two bracelet gift sets, a jewelry gift set, and this year’s Limited Edition 2018 charm.

The Luminous Ice jewelry gift set ($140) includes the Luminous Ice pendant and earrings and a 45cm sterling silver chain, for a savings of $25.

The Dazzling Wishes gift set includes the Pandora Smooth bracelet, Dazzling Wishes dangle charm, and two Shining Elegance clips.  At $179 it offers a savings of $66.

The set is presented in a beautiful white leatherette travel box with room for your bracelet, earrings, and necklaces.

Our favorite set is the Wintry Holiday Open Bangle set, which includes the open bangle and the new Pavé Sphere charm.  At $129 it offers a savings of $26.

We love the look of the set finished off with two galaxy spacers and pavé lights charms!

Following last year’s collaboration, this year’s Limited Edition charm is also presented in conjunction with the New York Radio City Music Hall’s Rockettes.  The charm is decorated with glistening white enamel and a small star and moon dangle at the top.  It is presented in a larger replica of the ornament that you can hang on your tree!

We love the sparkle of this year’s holiday charms and jewelry.  Stop by Versant to see all of the new pieces in person!




Festival Season is Here! Meet the New Pandora 2018 Summer Collection

The season of sunshine has arrived!  This year’s Pandora Summer mini-collection includes some bright and beautiful new pieces to celebrate the sunny days ahead.  Inspired by summer festivals, this collection is highlighted by trendy feathers, bright colors, and lots of layers.

A Charmed Summer

This year’s summer collection charms are a mixture of rainbow hues, bohemian styles, and whimsical designs.  One of the themes of the collection is “Follow Your Dreams,” which is engraved on both the gorgeous new Dreamcatcher and Compass Rose charms.

The Dreamcatcher makes a standout choice as a new centerpiece on an open bangle!  The new mosaic charms feature rainbow enamel with mother of pearl accents.

Many of the other charms in the collection center around festival days and boardwalk nights.  We love the new Pandora ferris wheel and popcorn charms (studded with little pearl kernels!).  The sunglasses emoji charm is a great way to express your summertime mood.


In addition to the rainbow mosaic, there is a new rainbow heart clip, Radiant Hearts of Pandora charm with rainbow halo, and Love charm with rainbow crystals to help you create a color-filled bracelet.  The carved glass heart charm introduced at Valentine’s Day gets two new companions in burnt orange and turquoise blue for a fun pop of bright color.  Also featuring the turquoise color is a new heart-shaped silicon clip.  On the more whimsical side are the new peace sign, Compass Rose, and Burger and Fries (inscribed “Best Friends” on the top!).

You Can Never Have Too Many Bracelets

The Pandora Summer collection has added some versatile new bracelet styles in their leather collection.  Breaking away from the traditional braided leather design, these feature a smooth leather that lets your charms really stand out.

In the new adjustable sliding bracelet, a black and tan leather style has been added.  In the seasonal leather bracelets, a fun sterling button accent adds an on-trend look to the double wrap bracelets, available in orange, blue, tan, and black.  The sparkling strand has also been updated with a seasonal addition featuring rainbow crystals!

Lots of Layers

Some of the biggest additions to the Pandora Summer collection this year are in the necklace category.  Proving that one is never enough, the new necklaces are meant to be layered in different lengths and pendant groupings to get the full festival effect.

We love the new adjustable length black and tan chokers.  They come with the new feather pendant but can also be worn with any Pandora charm- the Dreamcatcher looks amazing on the choker!  The new textured necklace chain is also a great way to show off your unique style.

In the engraved collection, an “I Love You to the Moon and Back” disc necklace has been added.  For those that like to make a personalized collection of pendants, the new charm-catcher style heart necklace is a fun addition.  We love the idea of adding a grouping of birthstones to represent your family!

In addition to the new chains and chokers, there are a variety of fun pendants that arrived with summer. These pendants look great grouped together in a mix of color and texture.  The new fabric tassels, available in turquoise, pink, orange, and black, and horn pendants are a seasonal addition and will only be available through the summer.  The Fan of Love pendant, available, in silver and Pandora Rose, is cut to create a wonderful sparkling effect. The feather pendant, which comes with the choker necklace, is also available on its own.

Other Adornments

Although the earring and ring departments do not have a great number of new additions, what they have added are some very innovative designs.  The Summer Collection sees the introduction of the Pandora ear cuff, worn at the top of the earlobe.  The new chain-style rings give a new texture to your ring stack and look great grouped together.

Other jewelry additions include a hoop earring with feather and turquoise heart dangle that are a great match to the feather pendant, earrings in silver and Pandora Rose to coordinate with the Fan of Love charm and pendant, and new statement rings with smooth black and turquoise cabochon stones.


We love the new styles of the Pandora Summer collection!  These fun bursts of color, sparkle, and texture are the perfect accessory to the sunny days ahead.  Stop by Versant to check out all of the new additions in person! We would love to help you restyle your summer bracelet ☀


Wrap It Up! Pandora Gift Sets Bring the Sparkle This Holiday

pandora gift set

Wrap up your holiday shopping early with Pandora’s newly released gift sets!  This year’s gift sets feature beautiful additions in the bracelet, charm, and jewelry categories.  All sets come packaged in special limited edition boxes that are gifts on their own.  Check out the many options in our review of all available gift sets below!

Bracelet Sets

Bracelet gift sets are a great go-to present for the bracelet collector or someone starting out on their first Pandora bracelet.  Each set contains all of the essentials needed to begin a bracelet- the bracelet itself, a centerpiece charm, and your clips.  All of the charm bracelet gift sets are packaged in a festive dark green leather jewelry box with black velvet interior.  This beautiful presentation is sure to stun on Christmas morning!

pandora gift set pandora gift set

The Dazzling Snowflake gift set includes a signature Pandora bracelet with pavé crystal clasp, two Shining Path clips, and the new Dazzling Snowflake charm in midnight blue.  This set packs some serious sparkle, and is great for the glam girl in your life.  Individually priced, these pieces would retail for $280, but the set is priced at $199 for a savings of $81.

pandora gift set pandora gift set

The Snowy Wonderland set is very similar to the Dazzling Snowflake set in that it also includes a signature Pandora bracelet with pavé crystal clasp and two Shining Path clips.  However, instead of the Dazzling Snowflake charm it features the Snowy Wonderland charm.  This winter scene with green enamel trees, blue sky, and an adorable snowman make this a great set for the sentimental girl who loves to celebrate the spirit of the season.  Individually priced, these pieces would retail for $245, but the set is priced at $179 for a savings of $66.

pandora gift set pandora gift set

The Love You Forever personalized set is a romantic gift celebrating the love between two people.  The set includes a Limited Edition engraved bangle (available only as part of the set), two clear Shining Elegance Clips, the You & Me Forever two-tone dangle charm, your choice of two vintage alphabet charms, and a pair of dazzling droplets stud earrings.  The bangle with three charms and two clips is a beautiful piece that can be considered a finished bracelet! Individually priced, these pieces would retail for $415, but the set is priced at $299 for a savings of $116.

pandora gift set pandora gift set

For the Pandora Rose lover, the Pandora Rose Jewelry gift set has all of the essentials to start a Rose jewelry collection.  Included in the set are the Pandora Rose clasp bangle with the Rose Radiant Hearts charm, a Pandora Rose chain with Rose Classic Elegance pendant, and the new Rose Classic Elegance earrings.  Individually priced, these pieces would retail for $475, but the set is priced at $379 for a savings of $96. Add a Pandora Rose ring and your rose gold lover will have a piece of rose jewelry from every category!

Jewelry Gift Sets

Not everyone is looking to start a new Pandora bracelet.  Luckily, this year Pandora has introduced a series of gorgeous jewelry gift sets to add some sparkle to the holidays!

pandora gift set pandora gift set

The Classic Elegance gift set is great for the classic girl who is looking for some everyday pieces that will never go out of style.  This set includes the sterling silver Classic Elegance earrings and necklace, pieces with a simple elegance that can be dressed up or down for any occasion.  This set is packaged in a seasonal dark green box. Individually priced, these pieces would retail for $170, but the set is priced at $149 for a savings of $21.

pandora gift set

The Sparkling Elegance gift set includes the popular Sparkling Strand adjustable bracelet, the Sparkling Elegance earrings, and Infinite Love earrings.  This is another great choice for the classic girl who is looking for some understated sparkle this holiday season. This set is packaged in a ceramic keepsake box emblazoned with the motto “Shine Bright.” Individually priced, these pieces would retail for $130, but the set is priced at $99 for a savings of $31.

pandora gift set

For the earring lover who likes a little extra shine, the Sparkle & Shine earring gift set is a wonderful choice.  It includes the Brilliant Legacy, Radiant Teardrops, and Sparkling Elegance earrings- a perfectly matched trio.  This set is also presented in the Shine Bright ceramic keepsake box. Individually priced, these pieces would retail for $180, but the set is priced at $124 for a savings of $56.

pandora gift set

For the earring lover who loves to celebrate the winter season, the Let It Snow earring set reflects her love of ice crystals and sparkling snowflakes.  This set includes the Crystalized Snowflake and Forever PANDORA studs along with the Eternal Elegance drop earrings.  It is also presented in the Shine Bright ceramic keepsake box.  Individually priced, these pieces would retail for $210, but the set is priced at $149 for a savings of $61.

pandora gift set

For the earring lover who enjoys the romantic glow of rose gold, the Pandora Gold Earring set is is a good choice.  This set includes the Dazzling Droplet, Classic Elegance, and Captured Heart earrings in the Pandora Rose finish.  It is also presented in the Shine Bright ceramic keepsake box.  Individually priced, these pieces would retail for $230, but the set is priced at $179 for a savings of $51.

Limited Edition Charms

Look out collectors, this Holiday season, Pandora has introduced three Limited Edition charms!

pandora gift set pandora gift set

The first of these charms is the Engraved Stocking charm.  Engraved with the year across the top of the stocking, this charm is a special edition of the red enamel stocking charm that will remain a part of the permanent Pandora collection.  Presented in a special dark green box, this is a great charm for the Christmas collector who prefers bright silver to sparkle. This charm retails for $65.

pandora gift set pandora gift set pandora holiday

The next Limited Edition charm is a real treat! This year, Pandora has sponsored the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes in their Christmas Spectacular.  To celebrate, the Bright Ornament charm has been released.  This charm has the year engraved on the side and has a bright red enamel with sparkling stones.  The charm is packaged in a beautiful keepsake ornament with similar bright enamel.  The ornament has a strong magnetic closure and opens to reveal a black velvet interior with a spot to hide the charm! The charm with ornament retails for $85.

Finally, this year’s Limited Edition Disney holiday charm is the Mickey & Minnie Love Icons charm.  One side of the charm features a 14k gold Mickey silhouette and the other features a 14k gold Minnie silhouette.  Included with the charm is a free Limited Edition clutch in grey or navy! This charm retails for $125.


With their many special value gift sets, Pandora has presented something for everyone on your list! Stop by Versant to see all of these beautiful sets in person.  As always, we truly appreciate all of our customers who choose to shop small with us and support their local community.  ❤️

It’s Time to Shine- The Pandora Holiday Collection Has Arrived

Celestial Sparkle

The first half of the 2017 Holiday collection is accented with bright sparkle and dark blues.  Their use of faceted stones and enamel in place of the usual pave stones makes for a stronger color that is beautifully contrasted by the clear CZs that add some shine to each design.

pandora holiday

We love the new orbit charm ($55) combined with the galaxy spacers.  The new bright star ($75) charm makes a great centerpiece for the open bangle for the winter season.

pandora holiday

The glacial beauty charm ($90) is another gorgeous addition; its diamond shape works well with some of the geometric charms released in this year’s autumn collection.  We also love this charm on a short chain as a dainty necklace!

pandora holiday

One of our absolute favorite charms of the new collection is the Celestial Mosaic charm ($65).  Made with mother-of-pearl, the moon and stars have a beautiful iridescence.  The smooth black surface is a great contrast in color and texture to the numerous pave charms available.

Pandora has updated the Galaxy charm and continued with the Nature’s Radiance charms ($70) by adding faceted blue and ruby red stones inside bright silver cages.  The contrast between the silver and the dark stone underneath is really beautiful!  Continuing with the night sky theme, the Snow Flurry ($60), Dazzling Snowflake ($90) and Heart of Winter dangle ($60) charms feature snow motifs against clear and dark blue backgrounds.

The Pandora Holiday collection also includes three new clip designs.  The Heart of Winter ($55) and Bright Star ($55) clips are charm-style clips following this year’s main themes.  The Starry Formation ($45) is a spacer-style clip that is a great neutral piece.

The Essence collection has also had a bold color update with this year’s additions.  Three new charms featuring bright jewel tones have been added.

New Jewelry Additions

These beautiful jewel tones have also been used to update the Timeless Elegance ring style ($75).  The other overarching motifs for Holiday jewelry include the Heart of Winter symbol ($60) and the Shooting Star ($70).  Our favorite so far this year is the sparkling elegance the shooting star pieces- they would make a great addition to any holiday party outfit!

Several new necklaces have been released with the Pandora Holiday collection this year, ranging from small pendants to statement pieces.  The Heart of Winter necklace is available in both a small ($80) and statement ($125) version.

pandora holiday

The Classic Elegance pendant has been reimagined as a dainty necklace ($90), and is available in silver and Pandora Rose.

pandora holiday

The Shooting Star necklace ($100) is also a beautiful, classic piece.

In keeping with the overall celestial theme, the new Pandora Holiday earring arrivals have a lot of clear sparkle with added accents of blue.  The Shooting Star earrings come in both a stud ($65) and statement ($75) style.  One of our favorites is the Shimmering Drop earrings ($85), which are reversible; one side is a sparkling stud and the other is a faceted midnight blue stone.

pandora holiday

The Timeless Elegance earrings have been updated to include the dark blue stone as well.  These would be a great gift for the bride-to-be!

 Christmas Joy

This year’s Christmas additions follow the tried-and-true formula of bright holiday reds and sparkling silver.   In addition to the traditional red pieces, a pretty dark blue snow globe ($55) and Snowy Wonderland scene ($55) have been added.

We love the new Holiday Wreath ($35) and Sparkling Candy Cane ($45) dangling additions- they are so bright and fun! The Christmas Polar Bear ($45) is a great whimsical addition as well. Several button style charms matching some of the new Christmas petites have also been released.

For the Memory Locket lovers, there are some fun new additions as well.  The bright Christmas Wreath and Jolly Santa are sure to bring anyone into the holiday spirit!  For those who prefer a more neutral palette, the Rose petite additions look stunning in the locket.  We particularly love the snowflake!

pandora holiday

An extra-special holiday addition this year is the Rockette’s Limited Edition Bright Ornament charm.  Not only do you get this beautiful LE charm with bright red enamel and swirling pave crystals, but it is packaged in a keepsake ornament box!  Both the ornament and the charm have the year engraved, making this a special collector’s piece.


We love all of the new holiday pieces and are excited to share them with you! Make sure to stop by and see all of these beautiful additions in person.  As always, we appreciate all of our customers who decide to #shopsmall during the holidays and throughout the year to support their local small businesses.

Introducing the Pandora Open Bangle

open bangle

Exciting news for the Pandora lover!  Pandora has just introduced a great new bracelet design for displaying your charms.  The open bangle is a cuff design that includes removable end pieces and movable silver stoppers.  Showcase some of your favorite charms at the top of the bangle, or reverse it and wear it plain with the stylish end caps on top!


The open bangle is currently available in two designs.  Both bangles are made from solid sterling silver.  The first design has solid silver end caps with Pandora engraved on each side.

open bangle

The second open bangle design includes gorgeous pavé end caps for a little added sparkle.

open bangle

Each open bangle includes five pieces, the bracelet itself, two removable end caps, and two moveable (and removable) silver stoppers with silicon inserts.  The silicon on the interior of the stoppers allows them to stay in position where you place them on the bracelet.

open bangle
Silver Stoppers Keep Your Charms in Place

The new design is very easy to use.  Simply push the end cap in and twist to remove!  We love using this new bangle to feature some of our favorite charms to match our outfit of the day.  Unlike many of the other bracelets, the open bangle has no clasp to open and is ideal for those who have a hard time opening the traditional closure.  With its flexible design, it is easy to pop on before you head of the door and just as easy to take off for the night, making sure that your jewelry stays in its best (and most sparkly!) condition.


We also love that you can style the new open bangle in different ways.  Add charms to the center of the bangle and wear them on the top of your wrist.  Or, add a charm near each of the end caps and keep in place by sliding the silver stopper to the end after the cap has been replaced.  Want a minimal statement today? This beautiful bangle makes a simple statement when worn by itself.  Pull the stoppers all the way to the end caps to give it a “finished” look!


open bangle
One Bracelet, Three Ways

We predict that this new design is going to become one of our jewelry wardrobe staples.  Stop by Versant to check it out in person- we think that you will fall in love with it too! New to Pandora jewelry?  Check out our designer page here to find out more about this amazing brand-

open bangle
We Love Mixing the Bright Silver Bangle with a Touch of Pandora Rose!

open bangle
Open Bangle Styled with Pandora Rose and Stacked with the Pandora Essence Bangle


Pandora Summer Collection Brings a Passport to Paradise

pandora summer

Get your summer vibes ready! The Pandora Summer collection arrives at Versant on June 1st, and it is full of tropical fun.  As compared to past years, these new charms are more colorful and whimsical.  A fan-favorite, the orchid, has received an update with new styles and colors.   There are also some beautiful water-inspired blues and greens that will make the perfect addition to an existing summer bracelet.  See our full review of the new charms and jewelry of this mini collection below!

Bring on the Brights

The bright enamel that we fell in love with in the spring collection is back on a series of button-style charms that celebrate our favorite things about summer.

pandora summer

These new charms honor our favorite parts of summer- fun in the sun, beach vacations, and a summer cocktail!  The celebration of summer fun is reflected in the bright colors and touches of sparkle.

pandora summer

The Summer Fun and Tropical Sunset charms add an extra layer of whimsy with the cute phrases engraved on the side of the charm.

pandora summer

Pink is the New Black

Taking off of the colors of a tropical sunset, the summer collection includes beautiful corals, bright fuchsias, and soft pinks.  Some of our favorite additions are the new orchid designs in both white enamel with light pink stones and radiant orchid enamel.

pandora summer

pandora summer

Not only does the orchid make an appearance as both a dangle and button-style charm, but they appear in a sweet pair of petite stud earrings as well!

pandora summer

For the murano glass lover, three new charms have been added.  The mint and light pink glitter charms show off the softer side of summer with light colors interspersed with sandy threads of gold.  We are in love the new koinobori murano charm inspired by koi fish scales! The gorgeous deep orange of this charm is a great complement to the bright pinks of the rest of the collection.

pandora summer

pandora summer

pandora summer

Shades of the Sea

Everyone loves the sight of the teal and blue tropical ocean waters.  Pandora used these beautiful hues as another focus of their summer collection charms.  With frosty mint, teal green, and bright blues, these pops of color remind us of the summer seas.

pandora summer

pandora summer

Five new clips were released as part of the summer collection- two new cosmic stars clips and three new shining elegance clips with silicone insert.  All of the new clips mix two colors in a mosaic effect to mimic the sparkling waters.

pandora summer

The greens and blues of the summer collection are a natural match to the beautiful enamel jewelry released during the spring.  Accompanying these colorful charms is a newly redesigned starfish- available as a charm, pendant, and earrings!

pandora summer

In addition to the starfish pendant, a new set of petite charms is available for the memory locket! The new set includes an angelfish with bright enamel detailing, a sparkling palm tree, and bright silver seashell.  This set is a must have for the beach lover!

pandora summer

Do you love the new summer charms as much as we do?  Stop by Versant to see them in person and bring a piece of paradise home with you!  New to Pandora jewelry- find out more about this designer here-

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Enamel and Sparkle and Floral, Oh My! Pandora Spring Has Arrived.

pandora spring droplets
It’s that time of year when the spring arrivals start rolling in!  The Pandora Spring collection has just hit the cases and we are in love.  Check out our highlights and make sure to stop by and see these stunning pieces in person.

Brights are the New Blackwordpress stats

One of the outstanding themes of this year’s collection is the celebration of color.  Accents of bright enamel abound in the new stackable rings and bangle bracelets.  These saturated tones are beautifully offset with sparkling stones to make these pieces perfect to take from casual afternoons to a night on the town.


The new Radiant Droplet charms are another great way to add some vibrant color to your bracelet.  The three faceted stones adorning each charm reflect the light like sunshine off of the water.

pandora spring 2017
Radiant Droplet Charms, Radiant Hearts of Pandora Rings

We are obsessed with the new colorful bangles- they make a gorgeous stack when alternating neutral and colorful options. Even better, the hinged design of the bangles makes them the perfect fit!

pandora spring hearts of pandora bangles
Radiant Hearts of Pandora Bangles

Spring has brought a huge assortment of color to the inserts available for the Pandora Floating Locket.  In line with their new Stones of Color birthstone collection, new sets of three mini charms are available for each birthstone.  Each set includes a birthstone mini with cutout heart, a smooth silver heart, and a pavé stud. Choose the birthstone for yourself or a loved one; alternatively, pick a set with your favorite color to add a bright accent to your spring ensembles!

pandora spring 2017
Pandora Locket Birthstone Sets

Cultivate Your Garden

As always, the Pandora spring additions include a new set of floral pieces to celebrate the joy of the season.  This year’s pieces are centered around the new Magnolia design and the updated Dazzling Daisies.


We love the use of enamel in the Magnolia design.  A soft ombré effect is used, transitioning from a soft pink at the middle to a warm white at the edges.  A pink CZ to adds a touch of sparkle to the center of the flower.

pandora spring magnolia
New Magnolia Blossom Charms

We particularly love the new button-style and dangling Magnolia charms.  Not only do they look great on your bracelet, but add a chain and they make a beautiful necklace as well!  The Magnolia collection is rounded out by fun stud earrings and a sweet ring showing a single blossom.

pandora spring magnolia
Magnolia Blossom Collection

The Dazzling Daisies collection has been updated with some sparkling new charms and innovative jewelry styles.  The new Dazzling Daisies charm has a small white enamel daisy and, like the Magnolia charms, looks great on a chain as well as on your bracelet.  An adjustable-length Y-style necklace shows off the sparkling blooms with an on-trend shape.

pandora spring 2017
Dazzling Daisy Jewelry

The new Dazzling Daisy ear climbers are a great alternative from the usual studs accompanying new collections.  The open-style daisy ring is another new shape making its debut.  Looking for a more classic shape? This style is available in the Timeless Elegance collection as well!

pandora spring 2017 dazzling daisies
Dazzling Daisy Rings and Earrings, Timeless Elegance Rings

Miscellaneous New Charms

Apart from the floral and colorful new additions, a variety of gold-accented and themed charms have also been added.  The new Good Luck charm arrives just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!  We love the new Celebration pieces, including a new Birthday Cake, Thank-You heart, and Just Married charm.

A new Pandora Signature Safety Chain and Clip have also been added.  Both pieces have rubber inserts installed, making them perfect for the bangle or the new smooth bracelet.

pandora spring

Jewelry Odds and Ends

In addition to the themed collections, some standalone jewelry pieces have been introduced this spring.  Continuing with their innovative shapes and designs, the two piece Abstract Elegance earrings are a fun new addition to Pandora’s ever-expanding earring line.  These earrings can be worn with or without the back jacket.  Use the jacket with a different stud to give an old pair of earrings a new look!  The Interlinked Circles studs are a great mixed-metal addition that mirrors a new charm design introduced with the collection.

pandora spring earrings

Pandora’s rings have seen the addition of two new droplets designs in blush pink and clear crystal.  Two new stacking bands have also been introduced- one in shining silver with daisies and one with sparkling CZs.  Our favorite ring addition of the season is the Swirling Symmetry ring, which has three interlocked rings.  This is a gorgeous piece in person- an instant classic!

pandora spring rings
Pandora Spring Ring Additions

In addition to the Birthstone inserts, the Floating Locket has been updated with a new Poetic Blooms insert.  These three mini charms reflect the soft pink and white enamels and sparkling daisies featured throughout the Spring collection.

pandora spring lockets
Pandora Lockets

Essence and Disney Collections

The Pandora Spring Essence additions, like the traditional spring collection, focus on using enamels and sparkling stones to create an impact.  These new charms also include the first dangling Essence collection charms and a new spacer!

pandora spring essence

We love the new knot-style Friendship charm!

pandora spring essence
New Essence Charms

The new Disney Collection additions include a new bangle with a sparkling rose clasp to celebrate the release of the new live action Beauty and the Beast.  Mrs. Potts and Belle’s Rose have also been added to the collection.

pandora spring disney
Beauty and the Beast Bangle and Charms

New Winnie the Pooh, including Tigger and Piglet, and Tinker Bell charms have been added as well!

Love one of the new pieces featured in the Spring Collection?  Give us a call and we can hold it for you!  Make sure to stop by Versant to see the collection in person!

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Waxing Poetic Retired Pieces- Spring 2017

Waxing Poetic has announced their retired collections for the beginning of 2017.  Check out which pieces are on their way out.  See something you have had on your wish list? Make sure to snatch it up before it is gone forever!

Symbolic Charms

Included in the retiring charms with meaningful symbols are the Vital Spark collection, Heart’s Content Silver charms, Lucky Chances charms, and large portion of the Wing and a Prayer collection.  The Vital Spark collection is a staff favorite with its petite size and detailed symbols set against a textured background.

Waxing Poetic Retired
Vital Spark Charms, $44

We are also very sad to see the Heart’s Content silver charms go!  The two-tone versions of this collection will still be available, but these are a great buy for the collector who prefers the all silver variation.

waxing poetic retired
Heart’s Content Silver Charms, $90

The Lucky Chances charms are a great value for their size.  Pick up the four leaf clover before St. Patrick’s Day arrives!

waxing poetic retired
Lucky Chances, $66, Wing and a Prayer Ribbon, Wings, Crown, $57

Word Adorned Charms

Inspired by their love for poetry, Waxing Poetic has a wide variety of charms decorated with meaningful words.  The Circle of Life charms, which feature a powerful word set in brass surrounding a second word on a sterling medallion, are included in this year’s retirement.

waxing poetic retired
Circle of Life Charms, $44, and Love All Providence Medallion, $145

The gorgeous Love All Providence medallion is also being retired.  This large reversible pendant features a bright turquoise enamel on the front and a heart and cross motif with an embedded Swarovski crystal on the back.

waxing poetic retired
Love All Providence Medallion, $145

The Providence Charms, which feature short phrases set in a shield-like charm, are also part of the retirement.

waxing poetic retired
Providence Charms, $37

Insignia Charms

A wide selection of the Insignia charms, which are used to showcase letters, are being retired.  The sterling shield-shaped Heroic charm is one of our favorites- we love the crisp shape and the large size.  The two-tone Heartswell and Imprinted Oval charms are also being retired.

waxing poetic retired
Heartswell,$33, Heroic,$66, and Imprinted Oval, $33, Insignia

The all sterling version of the Square Insignia is being retired as well, although the brass and sterling version remains in the collection.  The tiny Crest insignia is also part of this year’s retirement- this is accent piece because of its petite size.

waxing poetic retired
Silver Square, $51, and Crest, $26, Insignia

Colorful Additions

On the colorful side of things, the Lux Vitae charms and the Tiny Lights charms are both being retired.  These charms are a great way to add a pop of color seasonally to brighten up a collection.

waxing poetic retired
Lux Vitae, $75, Tiny Lights,$26, and Providence Charms, $37

The beautiful Melange charm, which has a great organic shape and nature-inspired texture, is also part of this year’s retirement.

waxing poetic retired
Melange Charm, $48

On the bracelet side of things, the Terra colored Melange bracelet is going to be retired.  We love using this bracelet as a way to showcase our charms on our wrists during the summer months!

waxing poetic retired
Terra Ensemble Bracelet, $66

As sad as we are to see these retired charms leaving the collection, we know that it is to make way for the new Waxing Poetic collections coming out in 2017.  Want a peek at some of these new chars? Check out our previous post on the new arrivals for the Spring collection here:

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