Sparkle All the Way- The Pandora 2018 Holiday Collection Has Arrived

The holiday season is drawing near and it is our favorite time of the year- the release of the Pandora winter collections!  This year has some gorgeous new jewelry additions, heartwarming charms, and tons of fun for the Disney lover.  Check out our review of all the new pieces below!

Have Yourself a Charming Little Christmas

This year’s holiday collection includes charms for a wide range of tastes and budgets.  The charms and jewelry fall into two main themes: Christmas in Space, offering whimsical celestial-themed pieces and bringing the sparkle with dazzling baguette cuts, and the Traditional Christmas charms we all love.

For the sparkle lover, the charms of the Christmas in Space collection mimic shards of ice with baguette cut cubic zirconia in scattered formations.  We love the new chiseled elegance charms ($75) and Ice Sculpture spacers ($45), both available in clear or midnight blue.

Two of our other favorite charms, the Dazzling Wishes ($65) dangle and Pavé Sphere button-style charm ($75) are available both by themselves and in some of gift set offerings this year.  The Dazzling Wishes charm, depicting a firework bursting in the sky, is engraved with “The Best is Yet to Come” on the reverse and makes a great pairing with the Dazzling Fireworks charm ($65).  In keeping with the icy theme, the Ice Carving dangle ($55) is engraved with “You Melt My Heart” with an overhanging icy wreath.

Two well-received styles have been updated with new colors- the Sparkling Love heart charm ($75), which made its debut in the fall, is now available in midnight blue and the Dazzling Snowflake ($90) now comes in Cerise red as well.

The more whimsical part of the Christmas in Space theme celebrates the arrival of some new Pandora Friends.  Bella Bot, now also available in the Pandora Shine finish ($100), is joined by her faithful companion Bobby Bot ($60).  We love his moveable flap ears!

Cosmo Tommy ($75) has also joined the Pandora Friends, adding a touch of adventure to this collectible bunch.  The Planet of Love charm ($55) is a limited edition piece only available during this holiday season.

For those days when the reindeers need a break, Santa can be seen cruising about in his rocket ship in the Santa in Space charm ($50).  The String of Beads dangle charm ($50) is part of the Purely Pandora collection, but also fits well with these fun planetary additions.

In addition to the Ice Sculpture spacers, two new clips, the Beaded Brilliance ($45) in silver and Ice Formation ($55) in Pandora rose, have been added to the collection.  The Personal Galaxy safety chain ($65) helps ensure that your bracelet is secure while you look up at the stars.

The Traditional Christmas charms this year focus on warmth and family and are accented with a beautiful berry red and white enamel.  We love the new Christmas Train charm ($75)- it comes in two connected parts!

Another one of our favorites this year is the Warm Cocoa charm ($45)- how adorable is the candy cane sticking out of the whipped cream!  Take a close look at the Christmas Bear charm ($45) to see Pandora’s intense detail- he is holding the same cup of warm cocoa in his hand.  We also love the Merry Christmas charm ($40) as a way to celebrate the season for those who have a more neutral-colored bracelet.

Another staff favorite this year is the Cozy Christmas House dangle charm ($55).  From the front it is a festive red house.  Turn it around to take a peek inside the home at all of the Christmas decorations.

Rounding out the Traditional Christmas charms are the Happy Reindeer in Pandora Rose ($65), Nutcracker Dangle ($65)- great for ballerinas!- and the Perfect Christmas dangle ($55) that states “It’s not what’s under the tree that matters, it’s who’s gathered around it.”

In addition to the sterling silver and Pandora Rose charms, two new 14k yellow gold charms have been added in this year’s holiday collection.

The Heart of Luxury clip ($450) has beautiful pavé accents and a cut-out heart at the center.  The Glowing with Love charm ($350) features cut-out hearts with the word “Love” in script at the center.

Deck Your Neck (and Ears and Fingers!)

Like this year’s charms, the holiday collection jewelry can be grouped in two main themes: Purely Pandora, focusing on a minimalist look in smooth silver, and Luminous Ice, featuring the same baguette-cut CZs that added an icy look to many of the charms.

We love the simple aesthetic of the Purely Pandora pieces.  The Contemporary Pearl necklace ($90) and Hoop Earrings ($90) would make a great set for the girl who likes a streamlined look that focuses on the beauty of shining sterling.

The Luminous Ice pieces are perfect for the girl who likes a little sparkle in her life.  The Glacial Beauty Drop earrings ($90) are gorgeous in person and show off the on-trend forward facing hoop style.  The Shards of Sparkle necklace ($125) is a beautiful companion piece that would make anyone’s holiday merry and bright.

The necklaces category also sees the addition of a new Cross Pendant ($60) with a sparkling tapered bale and an engraved necklace with the script engraving “Blessed” ($75).

The Purely Pandora collection also includes an innovative new Y-necklace, String of Beads ($75) with an adjustable length and movable beads.  The Contemporary Pearls necklace in Pandora Rose ($225) is another beautiful selection for someone whose style leans more towards the simple and classic.  For someone who likes a more sentimental gift, the Moon and Stars necklace ($115) is a wonderful choice- emblazoned with sparkling stars, it opens to reveal the message “Love you to the moon and back.”


The Luminous Ice pendants, available in silver ($65) and Pandora Rose ($75), offer a petite flash of sparkle.

The Luminous Ice collection also includes a beautiful interpretation in the rings available in both the sterling silver ($75) and Pandora Rose ($100) finishes.

The Glacial Beauty ring ($100) is a new stackable design that complements the Luminous Ice collection with a row of baguette cut CZ stones.


Other additions to the ring collection include the Contemporary Pearl ring in Pandora Rose ($90), String of Beads Ring ($50), Contemporary Pearl cuff ring ($65), and Shards of Sparkle ring ($75).

Some of our favorite pieces in this year’s holiday jewelry are in the earrings category.  We love the Lunar Light stud earrings ($50) and Luminous Ice stud earrings ($60) for a touch of everyday sparkle.  The Glacial Beauty drop earrings are a gorgeous statement piece ($90).

From the Purely Pandora collection, the Contemporary Pearl Hoops in silver ($90) and Pandora Rose ($115) add a modern twist to an old standard.  The Classic Beads stud earrings ($45) and String of Beads hoop earrings ($50) continue the smooth beaded design.  One of the most innovative earring designs is the String of Beads dangle earrings ($65), which can be pulled to change the length of the dangling beads.

Pandora has also added two new sliding bracelet designs this year.  The String of Beads bracelet from the Purely Pandora collection ($65) features graduated beads in bright sterling silver.  The Glacial Beauty sliding bracelet ($100) is a stunning sparkling piece with scattered baguette cut CZs.

The open bangle also has a new design for Disney lovers- the end caps are cute Mickey and Minnie portraits ($125).

Mickey Clause is Coming to Town

This year’s Disney additions focus on classic Mickey and holiday celebrations.  There are also some new charms to showcase the Mary Poppins Returns movie coming out this year!

Mickey and Minnie’s sparkling portraits are now available as clips ($90), which look great as stationary pieces on a bangle or leather bracelet.  The Steamboat Willie ($65) portrait charm is part of the celebration of Mickey’s origins and the Sorcerer Mickey ($65) dangle charm honors one of his most famous roles.  We love that this year’s Disney additions include some overtly Christmas beads, including the Santa Mickey charm ($65), Santa Mickey’s Candy Cane dangle ($65), and Santa Mickey & Gift Bag dangle ($65).

Disney has also expanded into the Essence collection with the two-tone silver and Pandora Rose Mickey and Minnie portrait charms ($50).

This year’s Limited Edition charm ($100) celebrates Mickey’s 90th birthday. Packaged in a special box, it shows mickey leaning against a golden “90”- he looks good for his age!

For those anxiously awaiting the new Mary Poppins movie, these three charms are a delight! We love Mary Poppins’ bag ($50), which is covered in flowers and bears her name on the bottom.  The Mary Poppins Silhouette charm is distinctive in bright enamel colors ($65) and the Umbrella dangle ($70) focuses on one of her iconic symbols.

We also love the new Mickey and Minnie nesting rings! The sparkling Minnie silhouette and bow ($65) fits above the Minnie silhouette ($50).

Sometimes the Best Things Come Already Packaged

One of the highlights of the Pandora holiday collection is always their beautiful gift sets.  This year’s additions include two bracelet gift sets, a jewelry gift set, and this year’s Limited Edition 2018 charm.

The Luminous Ice jewelry gift set ($140) includes the Luminous Ice pendant and earrings and a 45cm sterling silver chain, for a savings of $25.

The Dazzling Wishes gift set includes the Pandora Smooth bracelet, Dazzling Wishes dangle charm, and two Shining Elegance clips.  At $179 it offers a savings of $66.

The set is presented in a beautiful white leatherette travel box with room for your bracelet, earrings, and necklaces.

Our favorite set is the Wintry Holiday Open Bangle set, which includes the open bangle and the new Pavé Sphere charm.  At $129 it offers a savings of $26.

We love the look of the set finished off with two galaxy spacers and pavé lights charms!

Following last year’s collaboration, this year’s Limited Edition charm is also presented in conjunction with the New York Radio City Music Hall’s Rockettes.  The charm is decorated with glistening white enamel and a small star and moon dangle at the top.  It is presented in a larger replica of the ornament that you can hang on your tree!

We love the sparkle of this year’s holiday charms and jewelry.  Stop by Versant to see all of the new pieces in person!




Festival Season is Here! Meet the New Pandora 2018 Summer Collection

The season of sunshine has arrived!  This year’s Pandora Summer mini-collection includes some bright and beautiful new pieces to celebrate the sunny days ahead.  Inspired by summer festivals, this collection is highlighted by trendy feathers, bright colors, and lots of layers.

A Charmed Summer

This year’s summer collection charms are a mixture of rainbow hues, bohemian styles, and whimsical designs.  One of the themes of the collection is “Follow Your Dreams,” which is engraved on both the gorgeous new Dreamcatcher and Compass Rose charms.

The Dreamcatcher makes a standout choice as a new centerpiece on an open bangle!  The new mosaic charms feature rainbow enamel with mother of pearl accents.

Many of the other charms in the collection center around festival days and boardwalk nights.  We love the new Pandora ferris wheel and popcorn charms (studded with little pearl kernels!).  The sunglasses emoji charm is a great way to express your summertime mood.


In addition to the rainbow mosaic, there is a new rainbow heart clip, Radiant Hearts of Pandora charm with rainbow halo, and Love charm with rainbow crystals to help you create a color-filled bracelet.  The carved glass heart charm introduced at Valentine’s Day gets two new companions in burnt orange and turquoise blue for a fun pop of bright color.  Also featuring the turquoise color is a new heart-shaped silicon clip.  On the more whimsical side are the new peace sign, Compass Rose, and Burger and Fries (inscribed “Best Friends” on the top!).

You Can Never Have Too Many Bracelets

The Pandora Summer collection has added some versatile new bracelet styles in their leather collection.  Breaking away from the traditional braided leather design, these feature a smooth leather that lets your charms really stand out.

In the new adjustable sliding bracelet, a black and tan leather style has been added.  In the seasonal leather bracelets, a fun sterling button accent adds an on-trend look to the double wrap bracelets, available in orange, blue, tan, and black.  The sparkling strand has also been updated with a seasonal addition featuring rainbow crystals!

Lots of Layers

Some of the biggest additions to the Pandora Summer collection this year are in the necklace category.  Proving that one is never enough, the new necklaces are meant to be layered in different lengths and pendant groupings to get the full festival effect.

We love the new adjustable length black and tan chokers.  They come with the new feather pendant but can also be worn with any Pandora charm- the Dreamcatcher looks amazing on the choker!  The new textured necklace chain is also a great way to show off your unique style.

In the engraved collection, an “I Love You to the Moon and Back” disc necklace has been added.  For those that like to make a personalized collection of pendants, the new charm-catcher style heart necklace is a fun addition.  We love the idea of adding a grouping of birthstones to represent your family!

In addition to the new chains and chokers, there are a variety of fun pendants that arrived with summer. These pendants look great grouped together in a mix of color and texture.  The new fabric tassels, available in turquoise, pink, orange, and black, and horn pendants are a seasonal addition and will only be available through the summer.  The Fan of Love pendant, available, in silver and Pandora Rose, is cut to create a wonderful sparkling effect. The feather pendant, which comes with the choker necklace, is also available on its own.

Other Adornments

Although the earring and ring departments do not have a great number of new additions, what they have added are some very innovative designs.  The Summer Collection sees the introduction of the Pandora ear cuff, worn at the top of the earlobe.  The new chain-style rings give a new texture to your ring stack and look great grouped together.

Other jewelry additions include a hoop earring with feather and turquoise heart dangle that are a great match to the feather pendant, earrings in silver and Pandora Rose to coordinate with the Fan of Love charm and pendant, and new statement rings with smooth black and turquoise cabochon stones.


We love the new styles of the Pandora Summer collection!  These fun bursts of color, sparkle, and texture are the perfect accessory to the sunny days ahead.  Stop by Versant to check out all of the new additions in person! We would love to help you restyle your summer bracelet ☀


WinterLemon Jewelry- Featured Designer


WinterLemon jewelry, exclusively available at Versant, is a beautiful range of handmade pieces made locally in Bethlehem, PA.  WinterLemon is known for their use of natural gemstones, attention to detail, and innovative silhouettes.  Their unique designs that set them apart from the predictable ideas of more mass-produced brands.


WinterLemon’s distinctive style incorporates classic elements with a modern twist.  Their designs are influenced by the natural world- from textures to colors and materials.  WinterLemon is inspired by the beauty of the world and the desire to bring more beauty into it.  Their unique mix of stones, color, metal, and shape culminate in a style that is organic, sophisticated, and alluring.


Working hand-in-hand with the natural elements of their jewelry, WinterLemon works to create a balance of old and new.  Classic shapes and vintage findings are brought into today’s age by modern silhouettes and colors.  New life is given to antique pieces, such as lockets, by using them to create pieces with a contemporary flair.


Girls in Pearls

Much of WinterLemon jewelry features freshwater pearls.  A twist on the classic pearl, freshwater pearls offer the modern girl the beauty of a pearl in a more contemporary, organic shape.   Combining pearls with natural gemstones, such as labradorite, brings out the natural iridescence in both elements.

Pearl, Labradorite, and Gold Vermeil Necklace and Earrings

WinterLemon also makes an array of fashion-forward necklaces using freshwater pearls on suede and leather cord.  These necklaces range from collar-like statement pieces to delicate chokers and trendy lariats.

Pearl on Suede Statement Necklaces

Inspired Neutrals

Neutral pieces are great because that can be worn on any occasion, but can often be boring and uninspired, WinterLemon elevates the neutral palette by mixing metals and using unique textures and faceted elements to reinvigorate your everyday golds, silvers, and greys.

Many of their pieces incorporate oxidized silver, a darker and more edgy version of your traditional silver jewelry.  Not only does oxidized silver pair beautifully with gold, making a fun mixed-metal combination, but it gives a unique sparkle to stones set within it.

Earrings Featuring Mixed Metal and Oxidized Silver

Another way WinterLemon adds some fun to your everyday neutrals is through subtle shine.  Using druzy stones, beaded chains, and champagne diamonds, they create an ethereal sparkle through darker elements.

Druzy and Champagne Diamond Accented Necklaces

Pop of Color

For those days when you want to add a fun pop of color to your wardrobe, WinterLemon’s colorful gemstone pieces are a great choice.  Using the pure tones of real gemstones allows them to create pieces with a depth and hue not found in manufactured or dyed stones.  We love these pieces featuring a faceted gemstone on a colorful beaded chain in a complementary color.

Faceted Gemstone Necklaces

Looking for a statement piece in a signature color?  One-of-a-kind crafted pieces, like the one shown below, use color in sophisticated ways to create a piece of wearable art everyone will be talking about.

Aqua Chalcedony and Champagne Diamond Necklace

Elevate your Wrist Game

One of the best things about having WinterLemon at Versant is their stackable beaded bracelet bar.  Chic and affordable, these bracelets help bring your arm parties to a new level!  Handmade with natural gemstones and silver or gold vermeil elements, these bracelets make a great addition to any stack!  Choose your bracelet based off of your favorite color, or check out our gemstone meaning card and pick one that inspires you.

winter lemon

Another great wrist addition are the beaded wrap bracelets shown below.  Not only are they gorgeous, they are versatile as well!  You can wear them on your wrist on day and style them as a necklace the next.  A five-wrap bracelet can easily turn into a long layering necklace or a delicate double wrap choker.

Wrap Bracelets/Necklaces

We love our WinterLemon jewelry (can you tell?).  What we love as much as the beautiful and unique styles they offer is that they are handmade in Bethlehem.  As a small, local business, we appreciate all of our customers who make the choice to support their local community and love the opportunity to pay it forward and support local artists as well.  Do you love what you see as well?  Stop by Versant to see these beautiful pieces in person!


Introducing Poet: An Intriguing New Men’s Collection from Waxing Poetic


Exciting news!  We have just received the new Waxing Poetic Men’s line of jewelry, Poet.  Just in time for Father’s Day, these unique pieces feature necklaces, bracelets, and rings.  Poet is crafted from sterling silver, brass, and quality leathers for a long-lasting keepsake.  Each piece is inspired by wax seals and signet rings and designed with a rugged edge and meaningful symbols.



The necklaces included in the Poet line are beautiful talismans displayed on a sturdy silver chain.  The Poet line uses a lot of oxidized silver to bring a more roughhewn character.  Accented with hammered textures and classic heraldic shapes, we love their unique style.


For the man who likes to travel and explore, the Compass and Explorer necklaces make a meaningful gift.  Emblazoned with the symbol of the compass, they are reminders to be brave and explore beyond the edges of ones comfort zone.  The Coat of Arms necklace, featuring the North Star and an anchor, reminds the adventure-seeker to both follow the stars and stay grounded.

To honor the man who is an ever-steady presence in the family, the star-themed Midsummer Night, Star Shield, and Polaris necklaces are a wonderful choice.  Used for centuries in celestial navigation, the stars are a symbol of eternal constancy.


We also love the Anguis and Peacebringer necklaces.  Symbolic of knowledge, discovery, healing, and transformation, the snake centered on the Anguis necklace celebrates the man who melds a strong mind and dedicated spirit.  We think this piece makes a meaningful gift for a man in the medical profession.  The Peacebringer necklace displays a dove, emblem of peace, accord, and new beginnings.



Bracelets, Rings, and Accessories


Beyond the necklace offerings, Poet has a selection of gorgeous leather bracelets and distinctive rings and keychains.  Both leather bracelets are etched with the compass symbol on the clasp.  The brown braided leather Unified Front bracelet is paired with a brass clasp and the black two-strand leather bracelet has a sterling clasp.


The rustic sterling Genesis ring is fashioned after Poesy rings.  Poesy rings were popular during the 15th through the 17th centuries in both England and France as lovers’ gifts, and feature a short inscription.  The Genesis ring reminds us to start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can.


Finally, the coat of arms key fob is a great introduction to the Poet line for the man who is still on the fence about wearing jewelry.  We love the coat of arms symbol- it makes a great key fob for the ladies too!



Stop by Versant to see these new additions in person!  Can’t get to the store?  We ship nationwide and offer free shipping for orders over $50.  Are you new to Waxing Poetic and want to learn more? Check out our designer page here:

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Pandora Summer Collection Brings a Passport to Paradise

pandora summer

Get your summer vibes ready! The Pandora Summer collection arrives at Versant on June 1st, and it is full of tropical fun.  As compared to past years, these new charms are more colorful and whimsical.  A fan-favorite, the orchid, has received an update with new styles and colors.   There are also some beautiful water-inspired blues and greens that will make the perfect addition to an existing summer bracelet.  See our full review of the new charms and jewelry of this mini collection below!

Bring on the Brights

The bright enamel that we fell in love with in the spring collection is back on a series of button-style charms that celebrate our favorite things about summer.

pandora summer

These new charms honor our favorite parts of summer- fun in the sun, beach vacations, and a summer cocktail!  The celebration of summer fun is reflected in the bright colors and touches of sparkle.

pandora summer

The Summer Fun and Tropical Sunset charms add an extra layer of whimsy with the cute phrases engraved on the side of the charm.

pandora summer

Pink is the New Black

Taking off of the colors of a tropical sunset, the summer collection includes beautiful corals, bright fuchsias, and soft pinks.  Some of our favorite additions are the new orchid designs in both white enamel with light pink stones and radiant orchid enamel.

pandora summer

pandora summer

Not only does the orchid make an appearance as both a dangle and button-style charm, but they appear in a sweet pair of petite stud earrings as well!

pandora summer

For the murano glass lover, three new charms have been added.  The mint and light pink glitter charms show off the softer side of summer with light colors interspersed with sandy threads of gold.  We are in love the new koinobori murano charm inspired by koi fish scales! The gorgeous deep orange of this charm is a great complement to the bright pinks of the rest of the collection.

pandora summer

pandora summer

pandora summer

Shades of the Sea

Everyone loves the sight of the teal and blue tropical ocean waters.  Pandora used these beautiful hues as another focus of their summer collection charms.  With frosty mint, teal green, and bright blues, these pops of color remind us of the summer seas.

pandora summer

pandora summer

Five new clips were released as part of the summer collection- two new cosmic stars clips and three new shining elegance clips with silicone insert.  All of the new clips mix two colors in a mosaic effect to mimic the sparkling waters.

pandora summer

The greens and blues of the summer collection are a natural match to the beautiful enamel jewelry released during the spring.  Accompanying these colorful charms is a newly redesigned starfish- available as a charm, pendant, and earrings!

pandora summer

In addition to the starfish pendant, a new set of petite charms is available for the memory locket! The new set includes an angelfish with bright enamel detailing, a sparkling palm tree, and bright silver seashell.  This set is a must have for the beach lover!

pandora summer

Do you love the new summer charms as much as we do?  Stop by Versant to see them in person and bring a piece of paradise home with you!  New to Pandora jewelry- find out more about this designer here-

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The Pandora Mother’s Day Collection Has Arrived!

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Are you ready to celebrate mom with some sparkle?  The Pandora Mother’s Day collection has arrived at Versant!  This collection adds some great new family charms and beautiful new jewelry options.  Check out our overview of the new pieces below!

Floating Locket Collection

The Pandora Floating Locket and Petite Charms have been a very popular new addition.  Made from sterling silver and sapphire crystal used in high-end watches, they are both high quality and high fashion.  We are excited that they have expanded their locket offerings with the Mother’s Day collection!

pandora mother's day
New Pandora Mother’s Day Floating Lockets and Inserts

The Mother’s Day collection has seen the addition of two new locket styles and some fun new concepts for filling them.  A medium sized heart locket necklace can display a set of three petite charms and a small heart locket can display a single charm.  The smaller locket can be worn on a chain or on the bracelet.  The smaller locket comes filled with a single heart charm that can be interchanged with any of the petite charms to change the look of the locket.

In addition to the new lockets, Pandora has released plate inserts that fill the back of the locket.  These inserts can be worn by themselves for a simple statement or layered with petite charms.  We love the new white enamel insert with “love” written across the heart!  The enamel plate and a plain silver plate are available for the medium heart locket.  A small enamel plate is available for the small heart locket.  The small plate can also be used in the larger locket as a floating charm!

pandora mother's day

Lastly, a new set of Petite Charms, Infinite Love, was released with this collection as well.  These charms feature a mini Sparkling Love Knot, a sparkling infinite symbol, and a white enamel heart.

Mother’s Day Charms

As always, the Mother’s Day collection includes a new assortment of family and love related charms to add another layer of love to mom’s bracelet.  This years charms are themed around celebrating relationships and accented with gold and pearls.

pandora mother's day
Tree of Hearts, Luminous Love Knot, Interlocked Hearts, and Heart of Romance Charms

The new family tree charm, Tree of Hearts, is the first family tree charm that is not a dangling style.  With its pretty iridescent white enamel and gold heart, it is a beautiful way to honor the bonds between family members.   The Interlocked Hearts and Heart of Romance charms also feature a touch of gold and are a great way to bring some warmth to a black and white bracelet.


The Luminous Love Knot charm is designed to mirror the Sparkling Love Knot with the addition of pearls.  Part of a collection that includes a pendant, earrings, and necklace, this charm is a great gift for the mom who loves classic elegance.

pandora mother's day

The Mother & Son Bond heart charm is adorned with “Mother” on one side and “Son” on the other.  A great gift to celebrate the mom of boys, it shows how a mother and son are two parts of the same heart.  Similarly, the Mother and Daughter hearts show the special bond between mother and daughter.  In this set, mom gets to keep one half of the heart and daughter gets to wear the other!

Tribute to Mom and Love for Mother are great choices for a mother-themed bracelet.  These Mother’s Day new releases are perfect for the mom who collects a special mother charm every year on this holiday.

pandora mother's day

The Pandora Mother’s Day collection this year includes some charms for new moms as well.  The new baby stroller is more detailed than past designs and has a crystal heart adorning the side.  The Baby Treasures dangle includes a small pacifier, teddy bear, and white enamel heart and is a great gift for any mom-to-be.

pandora mother's day

The Precious Heart Charm is one of two Limited Edition charms to be released this year.  This charm will only be available during the Mother’s Day season!  The second Limited Edition charm will be released with the gift sets on April 13th.

pandora mother's day

There are also some new releases in the love theme that are a wonderful gift from a husband to a wife.  The Family and Love clip features a smooth background with a golden heart center.  The Infinite Love spacers add some meaningful sparkle on either side of a dangling charm or colorful murano.  For the romantic, the My Wife Always locket charm has a vintage looking design with “my wife always” engraved on the interior.  Lastly, the Love Always safety chain expresses a powerful sentiment while keeping mom’s treasures safe!

The last charm additions with the Pandora Mother’s Day release celebrate hobbies and occasions.  The sparkling dress pairs well with the stiletto and martini glass to represent a gal that enjoys a night on the town.  The running shoe is a good choice for a mom on-the-go or an avid runner.  Lastly, the newly designed graduation cap is tailor-made for the proud graduate.  We love the hearts on the charm’s bale!

New Jewelry Additions

We love the new jewelry additions that were released this year.  There are a ton of great new rings in some innovative styles!

pandora mother's day
Luminous Love Knot

The Luminous Love Knot collection, like the Sparkling Love Knot, includes a pendant, ring, and stud earring design.  Accented with a small pearl, they are a great update to a current favorite.

pandora mother's day

On the ring side, the new pearl wrap ring is a stunner!  We also love the halo design ring to make a statement without feeling too weighty.  The double ended heart ring, with one side in shiny silver and the other in white enamel, is very sweet and petite.

pandora mother's day

To make a bolder statement, the new circle and heart signet rings add a new twist to a tried-and-true design.  This is a very on-trend style.  Get them engraved with an initial to really make it personal!

pandora mother's day

The Sparkling Strand bracelet, a staff favorite, got a new look with some pink crystals.  This bracelet is dainty, adjustable, and extraordinarily sparkly.  At $50, it’s a steal!

The last jewelry additions include some beautiful and innovative pearl pieces.  A long pearl-accented chain necklace is adjustable using a small bead with a silicon stopper.  We love the double-sided pearl earrings.  Not only are they reversible, they offer an amazing profile view!  The Luminous Droplets earrings and pendant are perfect for the simple girl who likes an understated look.


Make sure to stop by Versant to check out all of the new beautiful pieces!  Give us a call or send us a message if there are any special pieces you would like us to hold for you.

Make sure to stay tuned for news on the Mother’s Day Gift Sets, available starting April 13th!

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The Pandora Care Kit has Arrived- Unpacking the Box!

pandora care kit

The new Pandora Care Kits have arrived at Versant!  This care kit has been developed especially for PANDORA jewelry pieces to preserve the beauty of your collection.  At only $15, they are a great value and make it easy to keep your treasures sparkling.  Read more below as we unpack the contents of the new kit.

pandora care kit

Each care kit comes packaged in a sturdy Pandora box with care instructions included in a booklet stored in the top of the lid.  The kit items are stored in two layers.

Top Layer

The first layer of the kit includes a soft brush and clasp opener.

care kit brush
Soft Brush

The soft brush is ideal for thoroughly cleaning your Pandora jewelry.  The bristles are soft enough not to scratch the surface of the soft silver.  Using a brush to clean your detailed charms and other jewelry pieces helps to get into the nooks and crannies where dirt can be trapped.  Dirt in the settings of stones can dull the shine of your gems.  A regular cleaning can keep them sparkling!

clasp opener care kit
Sterling Clasp Opener

The sterling clasp opener is an essential for opening Pandora clips and bracelets.  Not only does it save time in opening the sturdy Pandora clasp, it saves your nails as well!  Fashioned in the shape of the signature Pandora heart, it is fun as well as functional.  The key ring lets you keep it handy as a stylish keychain or purse accessory.

Bottom Layer

The bottom layer includes two storage pouches and two polishing cloths.

pouch care kit
Anti-Tarnish Pouch for Sterling Pieces

The black storage pouch is especially formulated for Pandora sterling pieces.  The pouch is infused with anti-tarnish agents that will delay the tarnishing of sterling jewelry.  Storing your silver pieces in the soft pouch will help keep your jewelry from getting scratched.

pouch care kit
Pandora Rose Storage Pouch

The white storage pouch is meant for your Pandora Rose™ metal blend pieces.  You can also use the white pouch for any plated jewelry.  The white pouch does not include the anti-tarnish agent with which the black pouch is infused.

polishing cloths care kit
Polishing Cloths

The black and white polishing cloths are meant for maintaining the shine of your jewelry.  The black cloth is formulated for your sterling and gold Pandora pieces and is infused with silver cleaning agents.  These cleaning agents will remove light tarnishing and restore the sparkle to your jewelry.


The white cloth is uniquely suited for the new Pandora Rose™ blend pieces.  Because Pandora Rose™ includes a layer of rose gold plating on top of the innovative metal blend beneath, it is important to try and maintain this top layer as long as possible.  This means that Pandora Rose™ should not be polished with a cleaning agent, as it will wear away the plating more quickly.

pandora care kit

We are so excited about the new kits Pandora has created to help us keep our jewelry in top shape!  As always, remember to remove your jewelry before sleeping, showering, swimming, and exercising.  Never spray chemicals or apply hand sanitizers or lotions directly on your jewelry.  Your jewelry should be the last piece you put on before leaving the house to help maintain its life and loveliness.


Want to learn more about Pandora jewelry?  Check out our Pandora page here:


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Featured Designer- Julie Vos Jewelry

julie vos logo julie vos bangles

Julie Vos jewelry is defined by the phrase “wearable luxury.”  These stunning bracelets, necklaces, and earrings walk the line between classic and on-trend with their clean lines and inspired colors and stylings.

Julie Vos- The Brand

New York-based designer Julie Vos is the woman behind her namesake brand.  Julie Vos started as a desire to give women the kind of jewelry they were looking for.  The brand is modeled on the belief that we make the beautiful world we live in, with inspiration and discipline.  This philosophy translates into the design of every piece of jewelry.

julie vos
Designer Julie Vos

Julie moved to New York City during college and has made New York both her home and the source of her creative inspiration.  She absorbs the glorious details of the city — the architecture, the art, the ironwork — and interprets it to create stylish and sophisticated classics that make women look and feel beautiful.  From textures inspired by nature to silhouettes mimicking classic architecture, her jewelry is itself a work of art.

julie vos fern
Fern and Byzantine Cuffs

Julie Vos’ pieces are made from nickel-free brass finished with 24K gold, giving them a beautiful warm hue at an affordable price.  They are accented with semi-precious stones, imported glass, and pearls in a wide range of fresh and fun hues.  Each piece is sealed to prevent tarnish, allowing your gems to shine on without worry.

julie vos stone guide
Stones Featured in Julie Vos Jewelry

Julie Vos- The Pieces

julie vos pendants

From dainty accent to statement piece, Julie Vos makes a wide array of styles in necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets.  One of her signature styles is the long statement pendant.  One of our favorites, the coin pendant shown above, is frequently spotted on fashion bloggers Instagram feeds.


For the girl who likes to build her bracelet stack, Julie Vos makes some beautiful stackable bangles.  The 6-stone Milano bangle is available in a wide variety of stones and looks gorgeous with several bangles of different hues stacked together.  The bangles without stones feature unique textures that add a touch of interest to a stack lacking in diversity.

julie vos stack

If you are looking for a big piece as a fashion highlight instead of a curated stack of bracelets, Julie’s show-stopping cuffs are the perfect addition to your jewelry box.  Her openwork cuffs have the drama of a statement piece without the heaviness.  Another favorite of ours is the hinged cuff collection, which features museum-inspired stonework at the caps of the cuff.

julie vos statement bracelets

Ears feeling left out? Check out Julie’s chandeliers, hoops, and studs!  We love the statement studs featuring pearls and semi-precious stones- very Chanel!- and hammered texture hoops.

julie vos earrings

Want to learn more about Julie Vos jewelry and see some of the pieces first hand?  Stop by Versant and we will be happy to share our love of this beautiful designer with you!  Looking for a piece in particular?  Give us a call or email us- we ship free for any order over $50.

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Featured Designer- My Saint My Hero

My Saint My Hero Wearable Blessings

My Saint My Hero

My Saint My Hero jewelry was created around the idea of wearable blessings- reminders of the light within us and our power to do good in the world.  Throughout their journey together, My Saint My Hero founders Amy D’Ambra and Christine Rich have been drawn to the small pilgrimage town of Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  On a visit there in 2010, Amy watched as local women hand wove bracelets with love, praying with every knot. Wanting to share a bit of the sacred place, she brought a few bracelets home to Los Angeles. Those pieces now form the heart of the growing My Saint My Hero jewelry line.

These bracelets that form the core of the My Saint My Hero line of jewelry is a macrame bracelet featuring the Benedictine Medal.  This medal is a symbol of blessing and of protection.  The Benedictine Cross is one of the Church’s most powerful symbols of divine protection. It was created in the mid 600’s as a symbol of the spiritual truths that enabled St. Benedict and his many followers to resist evil and do good.

My Saint My Hero’s Mission

My Saint My Hero weavers

From My Saint My Hero:

[the company] was founded on the belief that
God is real, prayer works and love heals. Our pieces are
wearable blessings that remind us we are loved.
We want My Saint My Hero to be more than a
Company, but a community, inspired by God to help transform
lives and make the world a better place. Crafted in love and
prayer, our wearable blessings empower women through
meaningful work.


My Saint My Hero believes that living our life with light and remembering that we are blessed will spread goodness throughout the world.  They have themselves embodied this mission with their partnership with the women of Medjugorje.  They have empowered the women of Medjugorje through meaningful work – providing them with a support system and income to better themselves with the dignity of their beautiful trade.  The work they provide allows them to rise above poverty level to put food on the table, shoes on their children’s feet and even have the opportunity to send their children to University.


As each bracelet is made with prayers and good intentions, My Saint My Hero hopes that each wearer of these bracelets is reminded that they are blessed with the same abilities.  By wearing the bracelet by your hands, it is a reminder to continue to use your hands and your strength to do good in the world.

Available Bracelet Styles

My Saint My hero

The original blessing bracelet is available in both gold and silver-toned medals and on a variety of colored cords.  In addition to the benedictine medal, variations with the cross, miraculous medal, and garment of grace are also available.  One of our favorites is the new Divine Blessings bracelet, which features a single Benedictine medal surrounded by pearls.


Interested in learning more about My Saint My Hero?  Stop by Versant to see them in person and learn more about this great collection!


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Featured Designer- Lat & Lo

Lat & Lo- Where are You Anchored?

lat & lo bethlehem
Lat & Lo Coordinate Jewelry

Have you seen cuffs and bar necklaces covered with a series of numbers popping up on your Instagram feed?  Welcome to the newest trend in personalized jewelry- coordinates pieces!  Since being introduced to this new idea, we have fallen in love with their sentimental nature and classic styling.


Lat and Lo is a small company specializing in coordinates jewelry.  They pride themselves in providing high quality materials and craftsmanship.  The motto of Lat & Lo is “Where are you anchored?”.  This simple statement speaks volumes- each of us has something that grounds us.


Your anchor can be your hometown, a special person, or event that has helped shape your life.  Each of these places or moments has its own coordinate. Lat & Lo’s signature custom jewelry is inscribed with the unique latitude and longitude coordinates of your special place on earth.  Their custom pieces have ranged from general places, such as one’s city of birth, to the exact tree under which a proposal was made.

From Humble Beginnings

Owner and founder, Kellie Ivie, started the company in a small beach town garage, hand-stamping each piece.  She has stayed true to her roots by continuing to do the majority of work by hand, making each piece special and unique.   Lat & Lo has also kept the production of each piece in the United States to continue to pay tribute to where we are anchored.


Lat & Lo also recognizes that each success story provides the means to pay it forward to someone else in need.  They have been able to give back to many non-profits and continue to provide donations to help enrich and improve our world.

lat & lo gives back
Some of the non-profits supported by Lat & Lo


In Kellie’s own words- “Each piece of Lat & Lo™ tells a story and we are honored to have heard so many of them. From birthplaces, wedding places to final resting places. We’ve laughed, cried and rejoiced with our family of customers. I hope we have also inspired some great conversations along the way between strangers and friends alike. Next time you see someone wearing Lat & Lo™ ask them about it. What “those numbers” represent is exactly why we do what we do.” -Kellie Ivey, Founder

Lat & Lo at Versant

At Versant, we have had custom pieces created to represent our hometown of Bethlehem, PA.  These cuffs and bar necklaces are available in sterling silver, gold plated silver, and rose gold plated silver.  Each piece has the coordinates of Bethlehem on the outside with “Bethlehem, PA” and the Star of Bethlehem symbol on the inside or back of the piece.

lat & lo bethlehem
Bethlehem Coordinate Cuffs

In addition to these ready-made pieces, we are able to help you create the perfect custom piece to express where you are anchored.  Custom pieces are a great gift to celebrate a graduation, retirement, new job, or other life event that might take you away from where you were born and raised.


Custom locations are also a fun way to celebrate an important life moment, such as a wedding or proposal.  Looking for a great way to ask someone to be your bridesmaid? Get your girls a custom cuff or necklace with the coordinates of your wedding location and the date inscribed on the back!  Coordinates jewelry is also a great way to present a surprise gift of a vacation or big event.


Check out the gallery below to see some of the great ways people have personalized their Lat & Lo jewelry.  Make sure to stop by Versant to find out more about Lat & Lo and see them in person!

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