While anxiously awaiting the new arrivals from Waxing Poetic, it is time to say goodbye to some old favorites.

The 2019 Waxing Poetic retired items list has just been released, and there are a lot of surprises. Read on to see which pieces are being left behind in 2018.

Natural Beauties

Among the retiring charms are some of our favorite nature-inspired pieces. We will miss the beautiful Natural Beauty petite two-tone charms with sparkling crystals.

While the large white pearl Moon Daisies are staying for now, the smaller black pearl Moon Daisy is no longer going to be available.

Waxing Poetic Retired Moon Daisy Dark Mother of Pearl Charm
Moon Daisy Dark Pearl Charm
Waxing Poetic Retired Honey Love Tiny necklace
Honey Love Tiny Necklace
Nature-Inspired Retiring Waxing Poetic Charms
Nature-Inspired Retiring Charms
Waxing Poetic Retired Natural Beauties Charms
Natural Beauties Dragonfly, Butterfly, and Bee Charms

The petite Honey Love necklace is also being retired.

We love this sweet two-tone bee! 🐝 It is a great way to unify your silver and gold-toned pieces in a layered necklace look.

Celebrate Your Story

Waxing Poetic Retired Foundation Birthstones
Foundation Birthstones

The Quatrefoil and Petite Poetic Insignia initial collections are also being retired. This leaves only the Chancery and Century Insignia for those who collect the initials. Luckily we still have a lot of the other retired styles available at Versant. We love mixing the different styles!

Waxing Poetic Retired Sister and Friend Heartlock Charms
Sister and Friend Heartlock Charms

The Waxing Poetic retired list this year includes some standard personalization pieces that have been around for a very long time. A lot of people collect the retiring birthstone foundation stones to celebrate family members. Make sure to pick yours up for any pending arrivals before they are gone!

Waxing Poetic Retired Petite Poetic and Quatrefoil Insignia Initials
Petite Poetic and Quatrefoil Insignia

The Heartlock charms are also part of the Waxing Poetic retired list. Each of these lock-shaped charms is engraved with a different relationship.

We love using these charms to symbolize the special people we have locked within our hearts.

Strength & Protection

This year’s Waxing Poetic retired charms also includes some powerful symbols of strength and protection.

One of our favorite statement pieces- the Eye of the World pendant- is being retired in the aquamarine, citrine, and sapphire stones.

We love this thick mother-of-pearl slice captured within a brass cage and emblazoned with the protective eye!

The Seppo Star Plate Choker is also being retired this year. Engraved with the North Star, it makes a bold statement in a minimalist way.

Waxing Poetic Retired Supernaturals Hand of Fatima Charm
Supernaturals Hand of Fatima Charm
Waxing Poetic Retired Eye of the World Pendants
Eye of the World Pendant
Waxing Poetic Retired Seppo Star Plate Choker
Seppo Plate Choker

The Supernaturals Hand of Fatima charm is also being retired this year. The reverse of this charm is engraved “GOOD FORTUNE,” capturing the symbolism of abundance and protection associated with the hamsa.


Aside from the many charms being retired, we are also saying goodbye to several chain styles.

The ever-popular twisted link chain in sterling silver and brass is being put to rest 😢. We love the texture of this chain. Still available in limited quantities in 18″, 24″, and 30″- this is one you should grab before it is gone!

We are also losing the Denso black leather necklace. This relatively new style is great to give your charms a more casual look. The contrast with the black leather lets the beauty of the metal charms really stand out.

The Denso necklace is available in both a choker length and a longer 28″ version.

The gold-plated baby ball chain is also set to be retired. This has been a staple for our petite two-tone charms for many years!

The baby ball chain is made in 16″ and 18″ versions. The 16″ length is great for layering your smaller charms.

We are sad to see all of these Waxing Poetic retired pieces go, but it means that they are making room for some great new collections! See something on the list that you must have? Make sure to snap it up before it is gone forever! We always offer free shipping on jewelry purchases over $50!